1. North Ari Atoll
  2. South Ari Atoll
  3. Shaviyani Atoll

All the islands of the magnificent Maldives are manageable enough to be covered by walking. They are small and cozy. You won’t find any rental services, but you might get taxis on this island.

The operation of taxis in the Maldives is one of the luxury provisions. However, the cheapest and convenient way to explore this island is by foot.

You can opt for a number of choices while commuting between different Islands. Bus, ferry, speed boat, taxi, seaplane, and cycle comprises some of the options that the tourists can opt for as per need and preference.

Let us go through some of the transportation systems that you can opt for during your stay in Maldives.

Tips for choosing the right transportation in Maldives

People can choose from a large number of transportation systems offered. When traveling in Maldives one should keep in mind how geographically different the country is when compared with other places. Most of the country has water and very less part consists of land. Hence when opting for the mode of transport one should keep in mind about the island they will visit. A number of different modes of transports such as bus, yacht, speedboat, seaplane, ferry, etc. are available for the visitors.

Visitors who opt to stay in the city should choose taxis as their mode of transport when going to the city from the airport. Also visitors can go to different sightseeing places by foot or by taxis. One can also choose other transportation options.

When the visitors need to reach their resorts, most of the time they choose a seaplane or a speedboat. If you need to reach a resort situated far then the visitors can also take a flight. Many locals suggest the visitors to take a walk in the islands and visit different sightseeing locations.

When traveling to local islands one can choose ferry or speedboats. For most of the local island tourism speedboats are available. People can also opt for ferries when traveling to other islands as it is the cheapest option to travel. For a five hour journey, the ferry charges MVR 40 per person for the nearest local islands and increases when one travels far. But the visitors should keep in mind that the time for ferry varies and it does not run on Friday.

Now when you know about the different modes of transportation that the island offers, you can decide the best for you. To reach the destination without any inconvenience, you can opt for any of the transportation systems. Visiting this island is a unique experience that you will get once in a lifetime. So choose your journey wisely to reach your destination smoothly.