Maldives FAQs

The language officially spoken by the locals is Dhivehi or Maldivians.

In the resort areas and Male’ city, people can see the locals widely speaking English.

The Maldivians usually use Maldivian rufiyaa throughout the country as their official currency. But one can also use US dollars and Euros. The visitors can use major credit cards in eateries, resorts, shops in Male and different islands. But they often have a hard time withdrawing money from the ATM.

One does not require a pre-arrival visa when travelling to the Maldives. Visa gets issued to the travelers upon arriving in the country.

Most people often visit the Maldives from November to April and the country has a warm climate all year round. May to October is the monsoon season and people should avoid visiting the country in this time. arriving in the country.

People can easily travel around the Maldives on their foot as the country does not cover lots of areas, but they can opt for the taxi facility to go from resorts to the airport and vice versa.

Although most of the time people visit The Maldives for a romantic getaway or for their honeymoon but that does not mean families can’t have a good time. People might find it hard to come across kids-friendly hotels, but the ones available will make your little one’s happy and satisfied.

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