Roads of Hulhumalé, Maldives will have Dedicated lanes for bicycles and bus

There has been a change in the road policies in Hulhumalé, with special lanes for buses and bicycles on the major roads of Hulhumalé will be constructed.

In order to provide the residents and visitors of the island with easy and safe transportation these extended changes to the  2015 master plan were announced in the statement delivered by Hulhumalé Development Corporation (HDC) on Monday. HDC is currently working on the roads of Nirolhu Magu.

As stated by the HDC, the Hulhumalé main streets are 13.2 meters wide. Therefore the five-lane plan will look like this.

– Three lanes for motorbikes, cars, and other four-wheelers

– A dedicated lane for buses

– A dedicated lane for bicycles

Parking areas will be provided on Nirolhu Maguroad near flats and houses, whereas the HDC also stated that vehicles would not be allowed to park on Nirolhu Magu.

To ensure the safety of cyclists designated bicycle lanes will be drawn in blue on Hulhumalé road and to make it easier for pedestrians directional arrows will be placed on the road.

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