The Maldives Virtual Tour Expo mesmerizes over 7 million Guests

The Maldives Virtual Tour Expo achieved remarkable success by connecting with over 7 million travelers throughout the world. This Expo was by far the largest Virtual Tour Expo consumer travel fair in the Maldives.

The Maldives Virtual Tour Expo reached visitors from all the top countries such as India, Turkey, Bangladesh, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UK, Australia, the USA, Brazil, UAE, Malaysia, and travelers from CIS countries also joined the Expo. Over 1000 virtual tours were featured in the tour spreading across 50 different islands of the country. The tour also held a lucky draw which gave visitors a once-in-a-lifetime chance to win an all-expense paid trip to the Maldives, adding to the lucky draw Maldives Virtual Tour collaborating with Trans Maldivian Airways offered a free 12-hour seaplane tour across 700 islands and 13 atolls to One lucky visitor. The plane will halt at various destinations allowing the guests to explore the islands while enjoying some refreshments and also visiting the southernmost atoll of the archipelago.

The virtual expo enabled people from across the globe to experience 360 tours of different islands and resorts throughout the country and all from the comfort of their homes, this conceptual experience as quoted by guests was like never before.

This expo was made possible by partners like Visit Maldives as the destination partner, Maldivian as the domestic and Sri Lankan Airlines as the international airline partner.

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