Maldives welcome their first visitor in 2022 with an amazing ceremony

Georgina Canning, the first  tourist visitor of 2022 has been welcomed by Maldives by a special ceremony at Velana International Airport. It is an amazing year for Maldives and they want to start in a great way. The tourist reached here with Gulf Air with flight number GF144. She is welcomed by Public Relations Corporation and officials working at Ministry of Tourism. The representatives of Maldives immigration and Maldives company Limited was also along with them. According to the travelers, it is there second trip to Maldives.

The primary guest got a 5-night occasion with a full board feast plan for 2 people at Adaaran Prestige Vadoo. Other extraordinary gifts were likewise given to the primary guest of 2022, including gifts from MMPRC/Visit Maldives, Ministry of Tourism, Maldives Immigration and MACL. Gifts were additionally introduced to the primary guest by Dhiraagu and Koel Eyewear.       

The Chief executive officer and managing director has expressed their feelings after the successful recovery from Covid-19. In his speech he explained that” Our country’s prosperity, notwithstanding the challenges looked by the worldwide pandemic, stands demonstration of our confidence and strength of fortitude – these are crucial components of the proceeded with achievement of our travel industry. With that positive thinking, we energetically welcome our first guest during the current year. Also with that strength of fortitude, we move into the brilliant celebration year of Maldivian the travel industry”.

Mr Ibrahim Thoha, Acting accountable for Maldives Airports Company Ltd, expressed, “Last year, Maldives surpassed its objective of 1.3 million guests, and I can gladly say that Team Maldives worked effectively in advancing Maldives as a protected objective. As a huge supporter of the avionics and the travel industry, we trust that by giving alluring motivation bundles to our Partner Airlines we have helped development in our Tourism Industry. Moreover with our high wellbeing guidelines, Velana International Airport was granted the ACI Health Accreditation Certificate as the second Airport from Asia Pacific. This multitude of endeavors have been compensated by the rising number of travelers flying in every month, drawing closer pre-Covid levels. As we invite the primary guest of 2022, I need to underline that the Maldives’ future looks splendid and I need to offer my thanks to every one of our partners who have helped make the Maldives such an awesome spot to visit.”

As the parent organization answerable for showcasing the Maldives as an objective abroad, MMPRC completed 260 distinctive promoting exercises in 24 worldwide business sectors last year, including fairs, roadshows, acclimation trips, advertising efforts, online courses, and meetings. MMPRC and the Maldives Tourism Industry’s deliberate drive to give guests choices to unwind and revive later the impacts of the worldwide pandemic proved to be fruitful as countless guests rushed to the Maldives with the confirmations of a protected get-away. On account of ‘regular social separating’ as an archipelago country, the wellbeing of holidaymakers in the Maldives is additionally upgraded under our particular ‘one island, one retreat’ idea and close regard for Coronavirus security rules every step of the way.

The best demonstration of the achievement of these exercises arrived behind schedule last year, as the Maldives got the title of ‘World’s Leading Destination’ (among a few different honors) at the 2021 World Travel Awards, internationally perceived as the sign of industry greatness. This is the second back to back year that the Maldives had effectively acquired this esteemed title, a sparkling declaration of the trust put in the ‘sorcery of Maldivian accommodation’ by voyagers from everywhere the globe.

This year additionally commends an extraordinary year to visit the Maldives – the Golden Jubilee festivity of the travel industry in the Maldives started off before last year with plans to lead very interesting exercises consistently. MMPRC has arranged more than 60 in-person occasions for the year 2022, including 17 fairs, roadshows and occasions planned for simply the principal quarter.

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