‘Discovering the Maldives’ a Special Episode of the WION Traveler Aired

‘Discovering the Maldives’ is a special episode of Wion Traveller that premiered on 29th October and the repeats were aired on 30th October and 6th November. This entitled episode featured The Sunny Side of Life and all the unique experiences they offer. The episode showcased all the tourism products of the Maldives such as the resorts, hotels, guesthouses, and liveaboards the show also highlighted the safety and security that is the very pride of the Maldives tourism industry and the unique experiences of the coral haven.

Founded in 2016 WION (Zee Network) has a reach of around 4 million in India, with 5.51M subscribers on YouTube and a website of  2,986,650 average page views per month. The hold of WION (Zee Network) in the Indian traveler market makes it the perfect platform for The Sunny Side of Life to strengthen its reach in the Indian market which is currently the top market source of the Maldives with over 278,740 travelers, contributing 22.6% of the total market share.

The special episode was hosted by the senior anchor at WION Ankit Tuteja who has produced and hosted shows featuring the technology, travel, and entertainment industries. Guesthouse Kaani Palm Beach, local resort, Siyam World, and liveaboard Maldives Legend Cruise.

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