Discover Unchartered Beauty of the Maldives with Kuramathi’s revamped Island Hopping Excursion

Kuramathi Maldives is thrilled to unveil its revamped Island Hopping Excursion offering a captivating visit to the island of Thoddoo where you will experience the unique blend of agricultural life and    breathtaking landscapes.

Nestled in its own tiny geographical atoll, Thoddoo offers a distinct experience unlike many other local islands. With a significant part of its population employed in agriculture, Thoddoo showcases the harmonious relationship between its people and the land. Join our guided tour, where you will have the opportunity to explore the island’s charming village life, interact with the locals, and witness their daily routines. Discover Thoddoo’s iconic landmarks, which provide a glimpse into the island’s rich heritage and traditions.

As you make your way back to Kuramathi, you will be taken to nearby reef within Rasdhoo atoll where you can experience the vibrant marine life amidst breathtaking coral formations. Next take a refreshing break and savour a delectable lunch onboard the Dhoni, a Maldivian boat. Let the soothing sea breeze and panoramic views rejuvenate your senses as you refuel for the next part of your adventure: another snorkelling adventure at one of the well known reefs in our beautiful atoll.

Island Hopping happens every Thursday and the runs from 09:00hrs to 15:30hrs, providing a perfect balance of exploration and relaxation. The excursion requires a minimum of six persons and can accommodate a maximum of twenty persons.Embark on this unforgettable voyage of exploration and relaxation through the captivating wonders of the Thoddoo and the surrounding reefs of Rasdhoo Atoll.

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