Amilla Resort- The Pioneer Resort of Self Wellness

On 11th May 2021, Amilla Resorts and Residences elevated its concept of ‘Wellness Your Way.’ They incorporated numerous fun and creative additions so that guests can take a holistic approach to their wellness. The hospitality market has massive competition in Maldives, and due to this trait, Amilla is way ahead of its competitors. Wellness is a different concept for different people. Thus, they designed ‘Wellness Your Way’ quite meticulously so that you can customize it. 

The fundamental of wellness is the food that enters your body. Most of the five-star hotels are offering customized dietary plans. Similarly, if someone is staying in Amilla resort, he or she can start it as well. It is the first resort that offers a variety of gluten-free, dairy-free, keto, low carb, paleo, vegetarian, and vegan food. The cocktails come with probiotic sodas, and they can be sugar-free if the guests want.

The wellness of the cuisine goes further. They have another program to offer called ‘Sleep Well at Amilla.’ It features an evening turn-down service that will come with sweet and tasty treats. Those treats consist of sleep-improving ingredients instead of chocolates. Moreover, components comprise turmeric, tart cherry juice, banana, and nuts. All these ingredients will make the guests sleep correctly.

This holistic concept involves the new Dhivehi Beys Spa treatments. Tradition Maldivian herbal medicines are this spa’s inspiration. 

The main objective of ‘Wellness Your Way’ is to enhance your immunity. The global pandemic is the reason why they are taking immunity so seriously. All ingredients in the kitchen are MSG-free and palm-oil-free.

There is also a child cafe that offers wellness smoothies, detox tonics, and herbal tea. Their ingredient consists of hemp, lion’s mane mushroom, Camu Camu and various other things. The guests can also change the menu and customize them. They don’t have to deter from enjoying delicious food.

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