Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences introduces RT-PCR machine to test COVID-19

Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences informed that their team has taken a step to protect their guests from COVID-19. They have recently invested in the RT-PCR machine, one of the reliable COVID-19 testing devices. Manufactured by a UK-based company, the device can deliver results within a few hours.

When the device confirms the negative result, guests can easily enjoy their vacation in the villa and go for a swim. This investment will draw the attention of several guests. Thus, the partnered agents and the resort team will get mutual benefits from it. They further think that this new addition to the resort’s facilities will give value in the long run.

Guests will get access to the PCR test free of cost. The Resort team has already invested over $150,000 in these PCR tests. The scientifically designed system has successfully processed samples. Within one hour, the device can track the result of 5 guests.

When guests wait for the result, they will serve them meals as a part of the room service. Guests may also request a PCR test while having a trip to home. They will make arrangements at the PCR testing centre.

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