Visit Maldives Strengthens Its Campaign By Joining Hands With CNN

Visit Maldives is conducting an advertising campaign with CNN. The purpose of this campaign is to promote the Maldives as one of the safest tourist destinations even during the Covid-19 campaign. 

They started their tourism campaign by reopening their borders. Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) brought about this campaign to establish the Maldives as one of the top-notch tourist destinations for travelers. They are doing this campaign on a global scale and incorporating various marketing strategies. For instance, they are encompassing online as well as digital campaigns such as vignettes, TV commercials, and digital display banners on the homepage of CNN.

The fundamental component of this campaign is a vignette named ‘5 reasons to Insta love the Maldives’. Apart from that, they are also launching a video that showcases the luxury of Maldives. Moreover, they also crafted and presented a video named “30 seconds of calm Maldives”. That video embodies the destination’s serenity. 

CNN also featured the destination on their weather Watch Show. It helped the destination to reach up to a huge audience all across the world. 

A Maldivian Chef Sobah was featured as a part of this campaign with CNN. He aims to make Maldivian cuisines recognized in the world. 

The minister of tourism is estimating that they will witness 100000 tourists before the end of the year.  

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