Visit Maldives is coming up with an E-Learning Program in the Italian Market

Visit Maldives is about to launch an E-learning program. They are partnering with Turismo and Attulita. It is trying to launch the event on 2nd July 2021 and planning it to stretch for a year. The purpose of this e-learning program is to reach Italy’s travel and trade market. 

The platforms of Turismo and Attulita are amongst the biggest e-learning platforms in the market. Once you start using this platform, you will get a database of 30000 travel agents. The platform will serve the purpose of educating Italian travel trades on various aspects of tourism in the Maldives, such as underwater adventures, romantic getaways, family holidays, and sustainable tourism. 

The program will come with ten sessions, and it will go live on the platform. The sessions will also provide information regarding the travel guidelines, accommodation options, and the Covid-19 situation. People that are in the travel trade profession can log into this platform and attend the sessions. Those sessions will consist of quizzes, written content, videos, and images regarding a specific topic. In addition, Visit Maldives will promote its destinations during those sessions. 

Prior to the pandemic, Italy was one of the biggest tourist markets of Maldives. It counted almost 136,343 figures in 2021 which is almost 29.5 percent more compared to previous years. However, due to the pandemic situation, the numbers declined. So, to rebuild the relationship with Italy, Visit Maldives is taking up this initiative.  

Visit Maldives believe that once the pandemic is over, Italy will ease its travel guideline. 

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