Amilla Celebrates the Global Wellness Day

One of the objectives of Amilla Maldives is to make wellness a part of our lifestyle. On Saturday, 12th June, the BaaAtol resort celebrated some quality time. Both staffs and guests performed activities on Global Wellness Day that promotes a healthy lifestyle. 

They promoted seven tenants on that day. Those seven tenants are drink lots of water, avoid plastics, at least walk for an hour every day, do good deeds, eat whole foods, eat with loved ones, and sleep by 10 PM. 

That day, staffs and guests enjoyed it a lot. First, they went for a morning round-island walk. After that, they attended yoga and martial arts sessions. Aniket Bosale was yoga and martial arts guru. HE also conducted a staff martial arts session. 

The resort conducted a late afternoon fitness challenge, in which the resort team participated. They relished different activities. The activities started at the football arena, which further extended to the hidden beaches of the resort. Then, they had a lot of fun at the island unique jungle gym and zero power. Finally, they went for the famous marina swim to get rid of their exhaustion. The winning team received a package of wellness treats along with the selection of Homemade@Amilla Kombucha. 

At the end of the day, Chef Doolum presented them with a wellness menu. That menu comprises some palatable dishes such as NZ Regal King Salmon, local Kulha Fila greens, and bone broth. Plus, they also serve their unique low carbohydrate almond flaxseed rolls. The meal ended with a mouth-watering dark chocolate dessert, mango, passion fruit, and coconut mousse. They are vegan and contain no sugar. 

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