Unleashing your spirits in the Maldives

Who doesn’t want to get lucky? Nothing can beat happiness if you get lucky in some foreign country. The Velana International Airport in the Maldives welcomes Mr. Victor Vincent Corentin with a huge celebration as he was the 1 millionth tourist. He was received by the ministry of tourism and Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation officials along with the Maldives Airport Company Limited. The authorities escorted him and his spouse to the VIP lounge area, where he received a congratulatory certificate and various special gifts representing the traditional Maldivian culture.

However, they received a complimentary holiday package. In addition to that, the couple also received a complimentary six nights at the Paradise Island resort. The concerned also upgraded their accommodation at the Club Med Kani. This achievement marked the remarkable hospitality of Maldives tourism. 

Moreover, the deliverance of the industry stakeholders provides the flow of a large number of tourists to the impeccable shores of Maldives. No one doubts the fact that the Maldives is one haven. Even during the pandemic scenario, the resilience of the tourists has always been a surprise. One should thank no one but the immigration officers for such gestures.

People were quite reluctant to travel abroad due to the covid situation. But the constant effort given by the various ministries and health departments makes this place safe for tourists to travel. Further, the conduction of 22 familiarization trips by the tourism department of Maldives makes it one of the best. 

Besides, the leading travel agencies, world-famous publications, and some major airlines, including Qatar Airways, provide a noteworthy service to tourists.

The stakeholders and the Government of Maldives are confident in whatever crisis comes their way. Their well-equipped formulation and the preparation to face the challenges make their tourism industry one of the best. With such hospitality, one would love to travel to this place more than once. 

Therefore, the tourism team looks for continuous engagement that can help recover the Maldives tourism and make it a success worldwide.

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