Amilla Maldives Celebrates Sustainability Day

Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences was proud to show off the many advancements they have made in sustainability in the past 2 years during the celebrations of Sustainability Day on the 27th October 2021.  The resort also recently announced they were awarded Silver Certification by Earthcheck.

The day started with a talk. by the resident Marine Biologist for the resort’s smallest guests, aimed at getting future eco advocates  to understand more about the subject. The children then participated in a beach clean up to collect any small pieces of garbage that had washed up on the shores during the night. This “waste” was then separated in ”mystery boxes” for a family upcycling challenge..

Next was a Tepache and mango soda class. These probiotic sodas form part of the resorts Homemade@Amilla program, whereby the resort makes as many items as possible on-site, including Kombucha, yogurts and sauces, to reduce packaging waste and eliminate food preservatives. Tepache, a fermented pineapple drink, and mango soda are made using the skins of the fruit. At Amilla the whole of each pineapple is used, the top to plant back in the resort’s garden, pineapple for eating, and the skins for making this delicious drink.

After this class guests were invited to tour the resorts extensive gardens as part of their Homegrown@Amilla program, again achieving goals such as reduced packaging waste, air miles and fresh and nutritious vegetables for their guests.

The day culminated in a unique dining experience for their lucky guests. Amilla’s culinary team concocted a delicious Zero Waste Menu. The Resort’s Sustainability and Wellness Mentor, Victoria Kruse explains the concept “With a growing world population and attrition of fertile, not to mention organic, growing and grazing area, we need to find ways to utilise all parts of food and find creative and tasty ways of using items that would otherwise be thrown out.”

Key highlights from the menu included broccoli stem salad with onion leaf tips and crispy tomato skins, watermelon rind pickle with papaya seeds served on bread ends and dessert that featured sorbet made with fruit offcuts “mudi kashi”, the nutritious sponge inside of baby coconut trees, a syrup scented with basil stems, basil leaf powder and caramelised basil stem, made from basil harvested from the resorts Mystique Garden.

This ground-breaking menu is just one highlight from the resorts award winning Wellness Your Way program. This program, recently crowned as the Wellness Cuisine of the Year at the Destination Deluxe Awards, offers the resort guests dedicated menus that cater to a variety of eating lifestyles. Each of the resorts restaurants showcases a menu that caters for keto/paleo/low carb, gluten free, dairy free and vegan/vegetarian.

The next highlight in Amilla’s culinary offering is the upcoming residency of London’s renowned Plant-BasedChef, Kirk Haworth. The driving force of Plates London with be cooking up a vegan storm at Amilla between the 10th and 25th November.

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