Kuramathi Maldives came with the unique idea of starting reusable water bottles

It is a small but significant effort to stop single-use plastics. The resort already took some sustainable initiatives, and it is another feather in their cap. They are aiming to keep the guests hydrated and reducing the environmental footprint at the same time.  

They use borosilicate glass and a fabric sieve, making it perfectly portable for your adventure trips. Plus, the bottles are durable and eco-friendly. They are capable of holding 550ml of water. 

There is a significant addition to this initiative. They are thinking of installing eighth water refilling centres throughout the island. It will help the guests to enjoy their holidays without much waste. The resort has its desalination and bottling plant. 

Guests can buy these bottles and show their support. It will help the resort to proceed forward on its corporate sustainability project. 

Alan Trefois, the Operations Director, said that they always try to come out from the disposable cycle. They are a sustainability-minded resort that will contribute to the environment through these programmes. He also added that the projects would help the guests spend an environmental-friendly holiday. 

In the year 2012, this resort got the Travelife Gold Certification. It takes numerous steps to create low impact holidays. They do it by incorporating green practices. 

Some of their best practices are proper waste management, marine protection program, optimizing water and energy use, and local community cooperation. Besides, they also host various nature awareness activities to make your guests engaged. 

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