MMRPC Partners with CNN for Maldives Tourism

From the month of June till the end of  October  2022 Maldives Marketing & Public Relations partnered with CNN international commercial will launch a full-scale advertisement campaign to make sure the entire world hears the Maldives and its stories. MMRPC has a tried and tested partnership with CNN in the two successful worldwide campaigns done in the past. CNN played a crucial role in portraying the true roots and local talents of the Maldives. with such a record MMRPC decided to nurture this relationship further. An MMRPC ceremony was held at the MMRPC headquarters on 25th May 2022 which was presided over by  Mr. Thoyyib Mohammed, Chief Executive Officer, and Managing Director and Director Sales, South Asia, Mr. Abhijeet Dhar, the agreement was made official with the signing of the authorities.

Driven by the passion to spread stories of the rich heritage of Maldives CNNIC’s global brand studio Create has conceptualized a content production that will go by the title ‘Rediscover  Paradise’. No expenses will be spared in this campaign as every platform all the way from TV productions, and social media advertising to photo galleries and even diving into diverse methods such as audio tours will be utilized. Rediscover Paradise will be perfect to kick start the Golden Jubilee year of Maldives tourism.

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