Amilla Maldives Commemorates the World Ocean Day

June 8th is World Ocean Day. One hundred forty countries celebrate this day since 1992. Amilla Maldives celebrated this day with residences and resorts by hosting various activities. This year, they come up with the theme named ‘The Ocean: Life and Livelihoods’. This theme is specifically relevant to the Maldives as fishing and tourism have a significant role to play in their economy. 

The Amilla Islanders also support the events of World Ocean Day. They create a calendar that encompasses a lot of events for the guests. The locals conduct a fascinating conversation with the guests regarding the underwater world and coral surrounding the Baa Atoll Resort. It helps the guests to fathom how these small coral islands formed in the Maldives. Plus, they will also learn about the importance of coral health and how the archipelagos face environmental threats.

The most important event was the mass cleanup on the island’s secret beaches. Compared to other beaches, Amilla is a bit different. It contains some pristine secret beaches. Thus, it is a tough job to commute to those beaches and clean plastics from them. Amilla is working on getting rid of this issue. The resort team is working hard to visit those islands by clearing some of the vegetations. However, they are serious about preserving the natural habitat.

To round off the day, the executive chef comes up with a delectable seafood menu. The dishes present on that menu were homegrown. Besides, they are following an ethically sourced meat programme. 

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