Amilla Maldives is about to celebrate its heritage days with the guests

Amilla Maldives is one of the finest resorts in the Maldives. They are the first resort in the Maldives that is celebrating heritage day. They are going to dedicate an entire week to celebrate the Maldivian culture. The resort will start celebrating the Maldivian culture on the day of Eid-Al-Adha, which is on 20th July. It is a Maldivian public holiday. They will celebrate it till 26th July, which is their independence day. 

This week, the guests can enjoy games, workshops, culinary treats, and music. One of the attractive events that guests will cherish is the ‘Bodu Mas’ parade, which means big fish. It features giant fish mascots made of palm trees and other natural things from the resort’s jungle. People operate those mascots by staying beneath the leaves. They will parade throughout the Island, and you will witness the amazing weaving skills of the islanders. After that, you will enjoy a grand Maldivian feast at the Emperor Beach Club. 

People used coconut thatch and woven palm fronds to craft this island village. The resort will erect them to showcase the Maldivian culture and its history. The families will enjoy traditional craft workshops as well demonstrations that comprise basket weaving. They will also conduct Maldivian cooking classes so that the budding chefs can try their hands on them. 

The guests will also witness ‘Bodu Beru,’ which is the traditional drumming and dancing of the Maldivian people. They will conduct classes on this performance art so that you can get a brief idea. 

The resort will end the celebration on Maldivian independence day. The guests will relish a great combination of Bodu Beru and fire dance. The day will halt with the gala dinner at Amilla’s Baa-Zaar restaurant.  

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