Maldives Enthusiasts Going To Enjoy A Virtual Tour In 2021

Maldives Virtual Tour Expo will be organized in July 2021. At, visitors can find this virtual consumer travel fair. They can virtually enjoy the beauty of the island country. Moreover, they can enroll their name to try out lucky draws and get amazing Maldives vacation packages.

The virtual fair will continue for 2 weeks. Maldives Virtual Tour is the organizer of the fair, MVT Expo. It will be easy to have a glimpse of the Maldives. Visitors can book their holidays and avail themselves of special deals. Multiple lucky draws will add fun to the tour.

On 31st December 2020, there was an official launch of the Maldives Virtual Tour. Interested visitors will get a chance to engage in 360-degree virtual tours of the Maldives. There are more than 2000 virtual tours, and these tours cover 150 islands.

By 2021, the project of virtual tour will be over. Orca Media Group has taken the responsibility of accomplishing this project. Maldives Virtual Tour is a highly reputed marketing agency located in the country. It has also teamed up with Maldives Marketing Corporation. However, the major partner is Ooredoo Maldives. Another Seaplane Partner is Trans Maldivian Airways. Maldives Virtual Tour has chosen the Maldives as the first destination for a 360° video tour.

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