Top 10 Money Saving Tips You Must Consider While Visiting Maldives

Maldives is a small island nation situated in the Arabian Sea. Its ethereal beauty makes it one of the most popular holiday destinations. Due to the privacy that it provides, it is a very desirable destination many people. So let us explore the Top 10 money saving tips that must consider while visiting Maldives.

1. Save money on food

When traveling, people often end up spending a lot of money on food. People on a budget usually try to save money as they can use it for something else. Many hotels offer complimentary breakfast to their visitors. Try to have a heavy breakfast around 10 am, or 11 am, and you won’t feel hungry during lunch hours. This way, one can save money. Also, going to buffets can help you save those extra bucks.

2. Be careful to check the water sports prices

People visit the Maldives to indulge in a variety of water sports. People can find a number of water sports such as snorkeling, sea kayaking, parasailing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, paddle boarding, whale, manta, and dolphin watching, among others. Resorts or private organizers offer these activities to the visitors. It is essential to compare the prices before choosing, as it will help you save a lot of money.

3. Look out for hidden costs and taxes

Most of the food and drinks in a luxury resort have a 10% service charge along with 12% service tax. These taxes often apply to every item that one uses on the resort, so one should stay careful. Providing a tip depends upon the visitors as the food places already charge a 12% tax.

4. Choose the Time To Visit 

It hardly matters what time you pay a visit to this dream holiday destination. You will enjoy the soothing warm climate throughout the year. However, if you want to save money, then book your tickets and accommodations between the months of April and early December. As the Maldives has two types of seasons- the dry season and wet season, the wet season tends to cost you lower rates than the dry season.

5. Book for the Accommodation and Flight tickets Separately

We know that the Maldives tourism packages are very popular among travellers. However, if you want to have your freedom to be able to choose the resort type and meals, book separately. If you call the resorts directly they can offer you special deals and freebies, unlike you get in package booking.  

6. Explore Local Islands

Yes, you can explore the local islands and get an insight into their culture besides saving money. When you spend your day on a resort island, you spend twice or thrice the amount you spent on the local islands. Local islands are great for wandering around within a small budget. Besides foreign cuisines, you can taste the authentic flavors of Maldivian cuisine by spending a few bucks only.

7. Book for An Inclusive Meal Plan

Who would like to stress the meals while enjoying a vacation? Check out the all-inclusive meal plans that the resorts have and give it a thought. Usually, an all-inclusive meal plan in the Maldives includes meals, mocktails and also alcoholic beverages. However, you must remember that all resorts offer no same inclusions. So, do your research and choose the best. 

8. Keep An Eye To Grab Special Deals

Whether you are a newlywed couple or coming on a family holiday, the resorts in the Maldives often give special offers. Although the benefits differ from one resort to another, there are a few common ones. You may get special discounts or offers like meal-upgrading, free romantic dinner, spa treatments, goodies on arrival. So, do not hesitate to ask them for these special offers and compare them with one another.

9. Book Everything in Advance 

Booking everything in advance is a great hack to save money. We recommend you not to wait until the last minute to finalise your resort in the Maldives. It is ideal to book your resort accommodation and flight tickets in advance. It will help you enjoy the early-bird advantages like discounts, free transfer, room up-gradation, meal upgrades or complimentary services. 

10. Try Cashback Site

Did you ever hear of any cashback sites? Well, they are quite popular for saying the cash whenever you make an online transaction, including the flight tickets and accommodation. These sites offer free sign up and simple to use. After signing in, they provide you with a cashback of 1% to 10% on the total transaction. Remember always to use a reputable cashback site.

These are few tips you may consider. We will explore more tips in future blogs. Stay tuned.

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