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Top 10 Restaurants in Male’ City

Whenever we visit a new country, we try to taste their local cuisine. As over 1000 islands make up the country, people should expect to see water everywhere. And their food mainly consists of coconuts and fishes. People always praise the food as the dishes taste very different from anywhere else. When visiting this beautiful country, visitors should have a taste of the local cuisine and also witness some of the most beautiful restaurants.

The Male’ City has a number of restaurants available for the visitors. All of these restaurants provide a different atmosphere. We will discuss some of the best restaurants in this article that will help you decide where to eat the next time you visit the country.

1. Seagull Café house

The charming café, Seagull Café house, which has a great Maldivian café culture is situated on two levels. For those who want to have a cozy atmosphere should sit in the lower level. The peaceful and small courtyard has sandy floors and trees to provide shade to the customers. And the upper level features a huge tree that grows from the middle of the floor, and one can have the beautiful view of the street below and Grand Friday Mosque. The customers can get both Indian and Maldivian cuisine in this bistro.

2. Shell Beans

Shell Beans is a famous café company that has two premises in Male and doing business for over a decade. The café provides a relaxed atmosphere that helps to attract a large number of locals and visitors. Customers can also expect to use their Wi-Fi for free, making it a favorite amongst many. One can expect to see cuisine from all over the world such as beef teriyaki, tandoori chicken and croissantwiches. Also, many comments the café has the best coffee and cakes in Male, and the customers love it.

3. The Sea House

If you want a scenic view, then visit the Sea House. This place situated on the first floor of the ferry terminal has an open-air deck that provides you with a panoramic view of the beautiful Indian Ocean and the lagoons.  While customers enjoy their meals and drinks, they can look at flights taking off and landing on the nearby island. The food provided by the café has a southern Asian influence and also priced reasonably. Customers can also visit the café when they hold special sushi brunch events.

4. Sala Thai Restaurant

The Sala Thai Restaurant has a Siamese surrounding and provides the customers with healthy and fresh food. The restaurant is a part of the Sala Boutique Hotel. One can expect to witness the beautiful wooden furniture and Asian artwork inside this eatery. Most of the natives love this place and often visit it to escape from the hustle of the Male city. The outdoor courtyard has overhanging trees, and one can have a meal in that place. The chef’s always buying and importing fresh ingredients weekly to make some of their unique dishes.

5. Azur

With a stunning ocean view, Azure offers impressive culinary dishes. Get a fine dining experience with a wonderful seafood menu paired up with fine wines from their own cellar and soothing ocean breezes. Also, the menu has a mix of Mediterranean dishes, oven-baked yummy pizzas, and steaks. 


Strategically located on the beachside, they offer both indoor and outdoor seating with an extensive lawn to host a gala event.


6. Aioli Restaurant

Aioli Restaurant is the best place to visit to enjoy a flavorsome meal. They offer an endless variety of cuisine from all over the globe. People come here to get authentic South Asian flavors and love their Thai food. The superb ambiance and outdoor balcony make this a great place to hang out in groups or as a couple. Enjoy sipping in cocktails and delicious food from the menu while spending some quality time with your companions.


7. Belle Amio Bristo

Belle Amio Bristo is a restaurant that gives you quality food and services. As soon as you enter, stun your eyes with their classic marble decor and maroon chairs and enjoy food in tranquillity. They offer Chinese, Indian, Sri Lankan, and almost all South Asian cuisine. Also, their Continental dishes, including pasta and sandwiches, are unavoidable. Plus, you can taste a wide variety of refreshing drinks and cocktails from the menu.


8. Thai Wok

Craving for Thai food while vacationing in Male city? Thai Wok Restaurant is here to satisfy your cravings. It is one of the best Thai restaurants in the Maldives. You are lucky enough, you can get a balcony table amidst the crowd and soothe your eyes with impressive views. We would highly recommend trying out the authentic Thom Youm soup in the starter, followed by main course dishes.


9. Citron by Lemon Grass

Citron by Lemon Grass is a popular restaurant in Male city. The restaurant has a mix of modern and traditional touch design with the unmissable seaside picturesque surrounding. Moreover, you can enjoy both buffets and a la carte food and drinks every day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and mid-snacks. From sizzling barbecues to Maldivian curries, local snacks to sandwiches, whatever you wish to have, there is something suitable for you.


10. Salt Café and Restaurant 

Located conveniently located in the heart of the Malé’s marketplace, the Salt Café and Restaurant offers five-star foods and services. The amazing outdoor terrace setting with a serene oceanic view offers you a variety of globally-inspired cuisine. Be it local food or international cuisines, the tastes and flavor will touch your soul. So, if you want to enjoy a wholesome dining experience, give a visit to this place before you leave the Maldives.

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