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10 Best Things To Know About Maldivian Cuisines

Maldivian Cuisine consists of special and delicious dishes. People around the world call the cuisine of this country as Dhivehi cuisine. The Minicoy of India also calls this cuisine as Dhivehi. The items included in this cuisine include fish, meat, and chicken along with coconut. However, protein and minerals present in the cuisine make the dishes finger-licking well.

1. Ingredients added in the dishes

The main ingredients include fish, fruits, vegetables, beef, and spices. Not only that, but their salad also consists of fresh tuna fish. Nevertheless, the salad is the most desirable ones. People of their nation eats it during breakfast. Mostly, they mix their salad with coconut for making it taste amazing. Nevertheless, people call the salad as Mas Huni. As you should know, this Maldivian Cuisine is the traditional dish in their nation. In fact, they eat it with roti and even bread.

2. A combination of flavors

Maldivian cuisine is a combination of various flavors and dishes. Nevertheless, Maldivians took inspiration from all neighboring countries. Fortunately, all dishes are a blend of spicy, boiled, and salty foods. Maldivians love both complicated as well simply made curries and dishes. Maldivians make their rotis traditionally. Therefore, Maldivians are soft and squeezes in the palms. If you are a tourist in the Maldives, then choose your cuisine accordingly.

3. Try these cuisines

If you have decided to take a break at the Maldives, then you can try out the famous food of that country. As far as knowledge goes, the most eminent one is the Garudhiya. Keeping delicious in mind, they fill this dish with flavor and fragrance. As for your information, it is a dish made of fish. This is one of the basic food items of their nation. Keeping the taste bud in mind, people love to have this dish with other food items like rotis and bread. Garudhiya is a salty food item and goes back to the old times. Locals of that country also consume it with rice, onions, and lime pickles.

4. Dish it up

If you are a tourist in their country and trying to eat something wholesome, then Masroshi is the best. For your kind information, it is a roti. On a delicious note, they fill it with tuna fish and coconut. Nevertheless, the smoked tuna, along with flavored curry leaves and spices makes it taste yummy. Since you are a tourist, you can always have it for lunch as well as evening food.

5. Starches are one of the staple ingredients Maldivian cuisines include

Starches are used in different forms and add a nice flavor to the dishes. Sweet potato, taro, cassava, and screwpine contain adequate starch, and these foodstuffs are widely popular in the Maldives. They also include rice in their foods, beaten into refined flour or boiled to eat. However, they eat raw screwpine cut into thin pieces.

6. Maldivian cuisines come up with special and unique dishes

Maldivian cuisines also come up with special dishes, including fresh fish, chicken, meat, local fruits, and fresh vegetables. The dishes bring a nice aroma, and you can explore the Maldivian culture and tradition. Mas Huni is one of the exclusive Maldivian dishes made of tuna fish and coconut, and it’s a nice breakfast with bread slices.

7. Never ignore the amazing taste of street foods in the Maldives

The small eateries help you explore the exotic savor, and you will enjoy the dishes at affordable prices. It helps you enjoy some nice delicacies such as spicy fish cakes, bajiya (sweet pastry with fish, coconut, and onions inside), theluli mas (fried fishes garnished with chili and garlic).

8. Maldivian cuisines are incomplete without fish

They offer various fishes such as frigate tuna, yellowfin tuna, little tunny, bigeye scad, mahi-mahi, wahoo, etc. Boiled or processed fish adds a different taste to the dishes, and you will love the flavor of the fish.

9. Coconut is another main ingredient in most Maldivian dishes

In Dhivehi, it’s called ‘kaashi,’ and you can explore various forms of coconut, such as grated coconut, coconut milk, etc. Coconut milk enhances the taste of Maldivian curries, and you can explore different flavors.

10. Fish and chicken curries are popular in the Maldives, and coconut milk brings an amazing taste

It makes you feel good, and you will enjoy the Maldivian curries with coconut, peppers, and fresh chilies. Chicken curry in the Maldives is known as kukulhu Riha, and the exotic spices give it a great flavor.

The Maldives is a coastal country. Fortunately, the nation lives on fish, coconut, as well as bread. On a wholesome note, these three ingredients are a part of their staple diet. They can create delicious food items and cuisines with just these three products. Gratefully, we can say that this country takes inspiration from Indian flavors and Arabic food culture too. Therefore, Asians can relate to the country’s food culture. If you ever visit the country, make sure to taste all the best Maldivian cuisines.

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