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Top 10 Things to Know about Male’ City Life

Though Male is a city of the hustle and bustle, it has become one of the most favorite destinations for a wedding, honeymoon or getaway. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, this small city offers a breathtaking view that captures every place in the visitor’s heart. A day or two is enough to explore this spectacular city, and within these two days, you can visit some of the below mentioned places and buy souvenirs from souvenir shops on your return.

1. Social life in Male

This Muslim nation lives harmoniously with one another and always bestow amicable relation with the tourists visiting the city.  Moreover, the locals enthusiastically make friends and are eager to converse with the guests. As they are fond of drinking coffee, there are many cafes where you can hang out and make local friends. Also, find locals playing football here and there in the city.

2. Rent a Motorbike

Male’ is a tiny city and so, renting a motorbike from the local shop is efficient to explore the island in a single day before you head to your resort island. Ride through the tiny lanes of the city and get a sight of the local flavours. Also, indulge in touristy things like going to sightseeing spots, eating in local cafes and relaxing on the beach by the end of the day.

3. Visit Nearby Island

Thanks to its close proximity and the smooth water transportation doubles the enjoyment of exploring the other beauties around the capital city. Take a local guide or explore on your own the nearby islands of Male city like Hulhumale, Vilimalé, Gulhifalhu, Hulhulé and Thilafushi. If you cannot visit all islands, at least visit the sister island, Hulhumale. These islands are rich in several interesting historical places to explore and cafes and restaurants to dine in.

4. Activities to Do

Although Male is a small city, you may find many exciting activities to do in the city for making your vacation adventurous and romantic. You can enjoy the water sports which are the best activities to do in and around Male.

  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkelling
  • Surfing
  • Diving
  • Shark Diving
  • Speed boat riding

5. The food and drink

Maldives cuisine, also known as Dhivehi cuisine, has a unique taste that people often fail to find somewhere else. Most of the time, the cuisine consists of starch, coconut, and fish. Maldivians love their curries, and tourists can find various dishes containing these ingredients. Also, as this place has a 100% Islam population, tourists won’t find alcohol everywhere.

6. Relaxing on Rasfannu Beach

Whether you are staying close or far to Rasfannu Beach, take a visit to Rasfannu Beach to unwind yourself. This is a lovely human-made beach where you can relax far away from the traffic noise and dust.

Spend a relaxing time by treading on the gentle white sand or simply starting at the warm lagoon. The cool breeze and a mesmerizing sunset will enchant your soul.

7. Experience the Whale Submarine Tour

Get ready to have a 2-hour thrilling experience of the whale submarine tour in your visit to Male city.The underwater realm of the Indian Ocean offers colourful fishes and coral reefs with just 50 co-passengers. Enjoy the comfortable air-conditioned ride underwater and see a peaceful world completely different from ours. Plus, the crew members will give information about the local marine world.

8. Touristy Sites To Visit

As the Male island is full of life, you can mingle well with the locals as well as explore the interesting sites. Remember, you can find most of these sites around the city’s northern centre part with some exceptionals around the eastern and western roads. You can stroll around the city and see the Male Supreme Court, Royal Cemetery, Grand Friday Mosque, Island bazaar, markets, etc., to explore the local culture from the dept.

9. Day Visit to Resorts on Private Island

Do you know that every resort has its own Island? Yes, this is why the islands are small and offer a cosy vibe. Take a day trip to the resort island and experience the grandeur and extravagance of your Male holiday. Remember, there will be no movie theatre, malls, activities, food or drink outside the resort. Hence, you need to dig well before finalising the resort property to make a day trip.

10. Visit Local Cafes

Who doesn’t like to hang out in cafes with our people? Take a break from the all-inclusive resort food and explore the local cafes present in the lanes of Male city. From burgers, wraps to salad, desserts, you will find it all here. These local cafes not only serve you food but also showcase their culture and joy of city life.

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