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Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Maldives Cruise Safari

Maldives is one of the most famous destinations, especially among youths and couples. It is renowned for its surreal beaches and sophisticated resorts. Apart from the breathtaking destinations and photogenic points, the resorts can provide a dreamy experience. People visit Maldives to gain lifetime experience of spending some quality time on a private island. You will also get a chance to enjoy beach dates with your loved ones with the utmost privacy.

Privacy is not a rare thing to find in Maldives. You will get an opportunity to spend a lot of quality time with your loved ones without any interruption. In addition to the mesmerizing locations, the cruise safari of Maldives is a must-have experience. Here we are sharing a few points you must know regarding the Maldives cruise safari.

1. Cruise and Safari in Maldives

Exploring the subtle beauty of Maldives will not complete if you don’t include a cruise safari in your to-do list. Being on this enthralling island, if you get an opportunity to explore it on a sailing safari, then you are lucky. You can pick the safari tour that suits your budget. Choose from different sizes and styles of the boats. All the required facilities are available onboard. Whatever choice you make following your financial estimate, the service will surely please you.

2. It is easy to stop at different sites during the safari

Generally, the safari cruise will initiate from the capital of Maldives that is Male’. It will stop on the listed destinations, and you will get enough time to traverse through different places.

3. Chance to interact with locals

You will get to enjoy the ‘real’ Maldives and interact with the inhabitants of that place. If you are lucky enough, you might also get a chance to have a meal with the locals. This experience is worth every penny and will leave a strong mark on you forever. The cruise will take a halt at different locations. You will get plenty of time to explore some local but essential buildings.

‘Dhoni’ is a wooden boat of Maldives. When you visit the boatyard, you will learn about its construction as well.

4. Best time for travel

Due to the tropical climate of Maldives, it will be best to take the cruise from November to April. You must also make sure that you don’t stay on the sea journey for too long. 5-6 days are enough to explore the Maldives via cruise safari. If you plan your stay a little longer, choose to stay in the resort or Local Island to avoid seasickness. You can choose the duration of the safari according to your convenience. The length of the experience can range from half a day, a full day, or a long one.

5. Impressive wildlife

During the cruise safari, you will find giant whale sharks, dolphins, turtles, and Manta rays, as they pass through the ocean. Moreover, you may also encounter clownfish, parrotfish. There are shallow reefs, like “giri” and “thila”. On the shores, you will notice white terns, herons, and frigate birds.

6. Availability of luxury yacht charter

With this yacht charter, you do not have to be in the sea throughout the year. You can visit the capital city museums and nearby stores. Couples also like to have massage and spa treatments. You will feel refreshed with these treatments.

7. Enjoy reef fishing

You may get in touch with Maldivians who are true fishermen. Local fishermen have hand lines to indult in reef fishing activities. You can catch fish near the resort islands.

8. The beautiful sunset

While you are on your long cruise journey, you can wait for the attractive scene of sunset. Have a glass of cocktail in your hands and find stunning orange shade near sandbank.

9. Pets are forbidden

You cannot bring your pets (like dogs) when you are on your cruise to the Maldives. However, cat owners can take their pets with them when those cats have valid pet transport. They must have the latest issued veterinary health certificate.

10. Availability of internet connectivity onboard

It depends on your choice of the cruise. Besides, some cruise ships provide you with Wi-Fi services. You can consult with your hotel staff to get the Wi-Fi card.

Hence, your travel to Maldives will be incomplete if you don’t include cruise safari in your wish list. If it is not possible to go for an extended cruise journey, at least spend a day onboard. You will forever cherish the experience that you take back home.

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