Quick Facts

AreaMaldives has an area of 298 km2.
CapitalThe capital of Maldives is Male’
Country PopulationThe population of Maldives is 428,000
EducationThe Maldives boasts one of the highest literacy rates with 98% of the population being able to read and write.
Ethnic Group100% Maldivians
LocationThe Maldives is located south-west of Sri Lanka and consists of 1192 islands spreading across the Indian Ocean
LanguageDhivehi and English are widely spoken in Maldives
ReligionThe religion of Maldives is Islam
Sports and ActivitiesSnorkeling, fishing, diving and surfing are the favorite activities of Maldives
TippingIn Maldives, one has to pay 10% service charge widely on bills. A GST of 12% is added to most of the things and extra tips are accepted for good service
TimeMaldives runs on 5 hours ahead of GMT
CurrencyThe local currency of Maldives is MVR or Maldivian Rufiyaa. People can also use major credit cards
International CodeInternational Telephone code for Maldives is +960
Mobile serviceVisitors can get prepaid SIM cards by two mobile service provider in the airport
VisaEvery visitor receives a 30-day visa on arrival
AlcoholPeople should not carry alcohol as it is prohibited in Maldives. Visitors can buy alcohol from their resorts
TaxesAt tourist establishments a TGST (tours goods and service tax) of 12% gets charged on good and services. If the visitors stay in local island guesthouse, then they need to pay a Green tax of 3 dollars per person and 6 dollars per person staying in a resort
WeatherThe Maldives has an average temperature of 31.5 degree Celsius, and the lowest is 26.4 degree Celsius. People can expect rain from May to October
Quick facts of Maldives

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