Health Protection Agency: New guidelines for local and foreign travelers in the Maldives

Health Protection Agency has recently set some guidelines for work visa holders and Maldivians who arrived at Male from some other countries. According to HPA, there is no need to stay in the quarantine zone when the PCR test result is negative. However, travelers must ensure that the test has been conducted not more than 96 hours before the departure. Maldives will follow these guidelines from December 20.

But, those who think of traveling to different resorts must consider self-isolation. This rule is also applicable to employees in healthcare centers, caregiving facilities, and academic institutions. These employees have to undergo quarantine for at least 10 days.

Presently, tourists who had arrived in the central region are under quarantine. HPA has declared that they need to undergo a PCR test to get a release. After release, they should wear a mask and try to seclude themselves.

Moreover, HPA also has canceled its guidelines issued on March 31 regarding the restrictions on reservations at hotels and guesthouses. Due to the reduced number of coronavirus cases and a higher recovery rate, the agency has taken these decisions. Currently, Maldives has 577 active cases, and 48 dead till now.

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