Chinese market slowly regains its position in the source market list of the Maldives

Within one week of the year 2023, the top 10 source markets of the Maldives are slowly being taken over by Chinese tourists. After the reinitiation of direct air connectivity between China and the Maldives, Chinese tourist arrivals have increased multifold. As the world enters a post-pandemic world, multiple flight operations have resumed following a 3-year hiatus due to border closures. From 18th January Direct flight operations from China to the Maldives resumed with Beijing Capital Airlines Flight JD455 from Beijing Daxing International Airport being the first flight between the two countries.

The guests were welcomed with a special ceremony attended by a high-level delegation, including high-level executives from the Government of the Maldives and China, Ministers, and Ambassadors. The guests received special gift packs and were welcomed with traditional BoduBeru. The reception ceremony was executed flawlessly and became a trending topic on Chinese social media apps.

With 2,727 arrivals, China has made its way up in the source market list and is expected to keep climbing ranks in the upcoming months. The Maldives is expecting a huge influx of Chinese tourists for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations.  Beijing Capital Airline flying from Beijing is currently the only airline conducting flight operations between the two countries, but three more airlines are expected to commence flight operations soon.

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