Toast to Good times in Kandolhu Maldives

Everyone can agree that drinks by the beach top the list of guilty pleasures. When it comes to fulfilling tropical fantasies, Kandolhu is the perfect place to escape with a drink in hand.

Poised at the waterfront, Vilu Bar is a prime spot to get your fix anytime from its extensive list of classic sippers and their inventive spins. Among the crowd favourites are Peach and Basil Smash, Kandolhu Sangria, Mango, Thyme & Cracked Black Pepper, Orange & Cinnamon Mojito, and Coral Reef Colada.

Imbibe in sensational cocktails according to your mood or let the bartenders surprise you with their concoctions. Try crafted blends such as the Port with Love, a signature creation by head bartender Deshan. It is a ruby red mixture of Portuguese port wine, Spanish gin, and chocolate bitters

As the hip and happening place on the island, Vilu Bar also hosts special events such as movie nights under a starlit sky and cocktail soirees that gaze towards the expanse of the beach. Sit back as you sip a tipple or two and admire the views at Kandolhu.

Peach Basil Smash

Bring the flavours of the tropics to your home with this tasty recipe that’s reminiscent of the island paradise.

Peach and Basil Smash

40 ml London Dry Gin
20 ml Fresh Lemon Juice
20 ml Peach Puree
Small Handful Basil Leaves

  1. Combine ingredients of gin, lemon juice and peach puree.
  2. Shake with ice and strain over ice.
  3. Pour in a whiskey tumbler.
  4. Garnish with Basil leaf and lemon twist.

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