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Hope Cruiser Guide

Whenever the Maldives comes to the picture, we imagine getting on a cruise and enjoy the natural environment, including the clear blue ocean. White sandy beaches and clean air. Let’s talk about the Hope cruiser that is a live-aboard vessel. 

The motor yacht is 27 meters long and is offering a surfing experience for travellers. If you are ready for any adventure, then that’s your best choice. The cruising speed is 12 knots which is comfortable. The Hope Cruiser will take you to your next wave in super comfort. Primarily you will see itineraries around the Male and ARI atolls. It allows experiencing some less recognized Surf points in the atolls further away from Male’ atoll (Kaafu Atoll).

Moreover, the Hope Cruiser can accommodate up to 12 guests onboard. The bedrooms of six tastefully designed cabins are well-equipped with a double-sized bed on the bottom and a single-sized bed. All the cabins have air-conditioning, portholes, and en-suite bathrooms, along with a hot/cold water supply. It has a mattress; chairs and the upper deck is partially covered so that people can relax after a long tiring day of surfing. The Cruise also has two dining areas; an air-conditioned indoor space and an outdoor area offering a fantastic sea view. You can select one and dine. 

If you walk upstairs, you will get a sizable sundeck—a favourite spot to sunbathe and take pictures of the ocean. Both upper and main deck offers to lounge. It has an air-conditioned salon with a bar. The bar is fully stocked in the living room. Refreshment can be taken from there and also reserved for your cocktail nights! That area has a TV/DVD, a stereo player and a collection of movies. 

You can select one accordingly. There is the option to play games and read books. So, the book readers don’t feel left out. 

The cruiser has swimming platforms, well-equipped with exit ladders and a freshwater shower, a dinghy, and a big fat yes to Snorkelling as well. (Carry your own). Snorkelling in the Maldives is one of the safest Snorkelling in the world. Guests can quickly get the taste of adventure directly from Cruise. 

Local cuisine

The Cruise will offer all types of seafood as the Maldives is 99% sea. The Cruise also provides Wi-Fi; yes, extra charges might imply. The yacht provides Maldivian Dhoni, which is a traditional multipurpose sail-vessel. 

Hope cruiser offers scuba diving

Scuba Diving operation includes a 12-meter boat. The Cruise allows quiet a running of the mother ship as well. The tender is well-equipped with individual storage boxes for gear, filling stations. Professionals guide you all along your Scuba journey. Usually, you will dive three times per day. There will be exceptions being the first and the last day. Things are perfect for giving you a blissful experience. 

Surf trip/adventurous sports or fishing

Whoever is looking for adventure can dedicate their entire day to surfing or go out fishing for the whole of the day. You can play water sports if you like. The cruiser will ensure to drop at the surf points. 

Saving and less time-consuming

Packages will only prioritize your needs. They were created from scratch to suit yourself. Prices are also affordable. Packages save both money and time. 

Friendly and knowledgeable staff

The staffs and the cabin crew are incredibly knowledgeable. They are passionate about the work and will aim to give you a fulfilling experience. 

Quality Control

Cruiser aims to maintain quality only after selecting suppliers who are reputed, friendly, and have in-depth knowledge.

Things not to forget

Surf equipment if you’re here for surfing. (repair kit). Passport (should be at least six months valid upon date of return). Visas. Board shorts, Sunscreen, and Slippers. Good Music 

The best time to visit in general is

February to November. The weather is clean from February till May. March and April provide perfect surfing weather conditions. June-September: It can be rainy throughout. October – November: Weather is mostly clean, and waves will be medium. An excellent time to visit is winter. The Best swells are primarily at that time. 

The cruiser is a reasonable accommodation option if selected. It has fitting rooms with beds, showers, air-conditioning, just the way guests prefer. It is no lesser than a luxury resort. People get the opportunity to enjoy their lone line in the middle of the ocean along with checking the Atolls and other famous places.   

The hope cruiser is built, prioritizing comfort and stability. The yacht has plenty of space on board as the leading driving equipment is on the tender. If you’re looking for the perfect place to enjoy an adventurous Maldives experience, then that’s the best option. 

Experience on Cruise, enjoying Local cuisine, bar, arrangement of fishing from deck. Visiting the Maldives desert island, everything will be possible with Hope cruiser. The Cruise can make Surfing trips, Snorkelling, and also beach buffet preparations. It’s a paradise that’s waiting for you. The cruiser will give you an experience that will last a lifetime. Trust the feeling; it’s the right choice!

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