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Kuramathi Maldives Guide

Kuramathi Maldives helps you explore the pristine beauty of sand beaches. The resort is located in Rasdhoo Atoll, stretching up to 1.8 Kms. This place is surrounded by turquoise lagoons and tropical jungle where you can explore flora and fauna. Also, you can catch a glimpse of marine like corals, butterflyfishes, angel fishes, sharks, triggerfishes, etc. 

Kuramathi Maldives come up with exotic beach villas where you can feel the ultimate serenity. Here, you can spend magical moments, and your tour of Maldives will become memorable. The place has three main restaurants serving continental breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can enjoy the traditional barbeques at the beachfront, bringing in the best experience. Here, you can get some refreshing drinks and cocktails and have a lovely evening. 

The resort also has three outdoor pools where guests can enjoy some playful moments. Also, you can enjoy relaxing massages and facials at the spa center, which makes you feel refreshed. The dove centers make it easy to enjoy water sports and other adventures, and you can travel to a different world. 

Why Kuramathi Maldives?

Now, you may be thinking why to choose Kuramathi Maldives. The resort brings an unending natural view, and you can feel the heavenly touch. Here, you can find many villas such as beach villas, deluxe beach villas, water villas, deluxe water villas, water villas with pools, etc. Choosing a suitable option is easy, and you can enjoy a great vacation. 

The place also helps you enjoy confident recreational adventures that bring a big smile. Next, you can explore the amazing marine life, and it’s time to explore the soothing touch of nature. Kuramathi is the habitat of several terrestrial animals, and you will love the ambiance here. 

Way to Reach the Location

Are you wondering how to reach the location? It’s easy to reach the resort. From the Male International Airport, you can take a seaplane or speedboat drive; it takes only 20 minutes to get to the location. The hosts are available at the airport during operational hours, and you can eliminate all the worries.  


Here, you will find a wide range of rooms, and you can choose the feasible options. Hence, you can enjoy the vacation with complete peace of mind. The rooms bring the ultimate luxury and comfort, and it’s easy to book the rooms. There is the option to book rooms online, and it helps you plan the tour accordingly.

Kuramathi Maldives, Villa

Garden Villa:

The rooms are air-conditioned and feature a simple yet attractive design. Here, you will find a king-size bed and other facilities such as a flat-screen television, terrace, tea, coffee, etc. And here is a minibar where you can enjoy some excellent cocktail drinks. 

Beach Bungalow:

The rooms here will take you closer to the beach, and you can explore a garden bathroom. The hot tub helps you enjoy a refreshing bath, and you can enjoy the whole tour with complete peace of mind. The mini bar is another nice feature of this room.

Beach Villa:

The beach villa is close to the beach, and a lovely terrace enhances the view of the place. The rooms feature a four-poster bed, and you can thus enjoy some pleasant moments. A king-size bed helps you sleep comfortably, and you can enjoy the stunning view of the beach while going to sleep at night. 

Superior Beach Villa:

This room is round-shaped, and here, you will find an espresso machine with complimentary refills and a minibar. A flat-screen TV helps you enjoy the programs, and you can thus get rid of the whole day’s stress. 

Deluxe Beach Villa:

Here, you will find an outdoor rainfall shower and a hot tub that helps you enjoy special moments. Also, you will get an espresso machine with complimentary refills that will give you a better experience. 

Two Bedroom Beach House:

This is a two-story beach house, and it’s the perfect option if you travel with family and friends. Here are two rooms: one on the ground floor and the other on the upper level. Both the rooms have king-size beds, and it helps you sleep easily.

Water Villa:

Here you will get a two-tiered sundeck and a hot tub. The room is air-conditioned with an expresso machine followed by complimentary refills. This room also features a flat-screen LED TV, and you can watch your favorite programs. 

Deluxe Water Villa:

The bathroom is spacious here, and you can enjoy a nice bath. The freestanding bath is one of the unique features, and an expansive deck gives you a nice feel. Next, you will find a wine chiller with a capacity of 30 bottles; thus, you can spend some causal moments here.  

Water Villa with Pool:

Usually, the rooms are in the lagoon, or they may face the house reef. The private pool on the deck is a good addition and a suitable option for couples. The rooms feature innovative interiors, and you will love staying here. 

Pool Villa:

The pool villa is located near the beach, and you can explore a stunning beach view. The indoor bathroom features a freestanding bath, and an outdoor rainfall shower brings a better feel. The private courtyard is another good feature; it makes you feel relaxed. 

Thunder Water Villa with Pool:

This is an excellent option located at the sandbank’s edge. The rooms feature premium decorations, and you can explore the ultimate luxury. Here is a deck with a private pool where you can play with your friend or partner. 

Honeymoon Pool Villa:

These are honeymoon villas and are perfect for married couples. There are distinct living areas, and the pool helps couples spend some romantic moments, so if you plan a honeymoon, this is the best option.

Dine and Wine

Kuramathi, The Reef

The hotel has a beautiful dining facility, and you can enjoy different foods. The three international buffet restaurants are well-decorated, and you will enjoy your lunch and dinner. Also, there is a private dining option for couples. There are six bars in the whole area, and it’s easy to enjoy excellent cocktails. It helps you eliminate the entire day’s stress, and you can travel to absolute heaven. 

Facilities and Amenities

The resort has different facilities for its guests, and thus you can stay relaxed. Therefore, you can enjoy the tour it gives, and you will love staying at Kuramathi Maldives. Also, it’s a good place for kids who love the site. Kids can enjoy the pool, and it will bring immense happiness. 

Here is a quick view of the facilities they offer:


Kuramathi Maldives Spa

The spa center helps you enjoy relaxing massages and gives you a better feel. Here, you can enjoy exotic facials, body treatments, etc. The expert professionals care for your skin, and you can explore the beauty deep inside. 

Restaurants and Bars:

The restaurants and bars serve exclusive cuisines and cocktail drinks. The international buffets come up with a good ambiance that helps you enjoy the food. The cocktail drinks give you a good feel, and you can enjoy your vacation to its fullest. 

Diving facilities and courses:

You can also enjoy adventurous activities like diving, which brings a real thrill. You can quickly jump from the platform or springboard, which is an excellent recreational activity. Also, you can join a diving course and learn how to dive into a pool. 


They also arrange excursion tours, and it brings real fun. It helps you explore the Maldives and the lifestyle of local people. The excursion tour will include island hopping, big game fishing, etc. Also, you can choose marine life excursions, and you can get the option to join private snorkeling lessons. 

Medical Centre with Hyperbaric Chamber and European Doctors:

The medical center provides immediate treatment, and thus you can eliminate all your worries. The European doctors and well-experienced, and they make the proper diagnosis. The hyperbaric chamber is equipped with all modern systems for better treatment, and you will get well soon.

Aqua sports and Fun:

You can enjoy water sports, bringing the ultimate excitement. You can participate in non-motorized water sports such as windsurfing, paddle surfing, kayaking, etc. And if you want to enjoy some more adventures, you can try banana rides, water skiing, etc. 

Eco Centre and Nature Walks:

The eco-center was first introduced in 1999, and they came up with a mission to protect the ecosystem. The small team comprises biologists and horticulturists who provide exciting information about the Maldives. Nature walks have different options like botanic walks, natural trails, hermit crab walks, etc., and you can explore the panoramic view.

Bageecha kids Club with outdoor play area:

It’s a nice place where your kids can play. The club is open for 8.30hours-19.30hours, and this place has fun activities for adults too. Here, you can enjoy indoor and outdoor activities for kids aged 3-12.

Overall, you get a clear view of the facilities available here.


Kuramathi is a place where you can enjoy a wide range of activities. It makes you feel excited, and you can plan a great Maldives tour. The activities help you spend unforgettable moments with your friends and family. It’s time to explore the adventures in real-time. Here is a quick view of the activities you can enjoy:

Kuramathi, Sand Bank

Renewal of vows: 

This is a program organized at the beachside. The festival is one of the exclusive events at Kuramathi, and you will have genuine fun. It’s time to feel the heavenly pleasure of the beaches, and you can explore the authentic charm of Maldives.

Snorkel Safari/ Manta Watch: 

Manta snorkeling is one of the exciting activities, and you can explore the amazing marine life. Manta rays give you a magical experience, and you will have close encounters with the marine creatures. You can take part in the snorkeling safari and now track the movement of animals.

Turtle Reef snorkel: 

This snorkeling safari takes you to the outer surface of the Turtle Canyon reef. Now, you can watch the turtles in their natural habitat, and it’s a unique experience. The yacht will take you to the correct destination, and you can enjoy the turtle reef snorkel tour.

Semi Submarine: 

It brings a different experience, and you can explore the underwater creatures. The boat features a lower glass bottom deck section, and you can experience the underwater coral reef. Traveling is safe, and you can learn the importance of riding a submarine.


It’s another adventurous activity, and you will feel excited. You can quickly leap into the water, bringing in the best experience. An athlete diving into the pool makes you feel good and can play into the seas.

Sunset Cruise: 

The cruise comes up with a lovely ambiance, and you can sail through the waters. You can sit back, and it’s time to enjoy the refreshing drinks. It helps you enjoy the stunning landscape and the panoramic view of the sunset. Also, you can catch glimpses of the evening stars that bring a heavenly look.

Catamaran Sailing: 

It involves a sailboat with two hulls.The hulls are connected through a bridge deck, and the Catamarans feature a shallow terrace. It helps the sailboat enter the shallow areas, and you can enjoy the adventures. You can thus explore the deep lagoons, bringing in the true excitement.

Apart from these, you can enjoy some other activities too. Fun tubing is another exciting activity that lets you closely explore marine life. You can also enjoy some other activities: kiteboarding, wind surfboarding, stand-up paddling, water, ski wakeboard, speed board trip, parasailing, big game fishing, jig master fishing, etc.

Plan your tour, and Kuramathi brings the exclusive beach view. It makes you feel happy, and you can also enjoy the adventures that make your vacation special. Once you reach the place, you can start exploring the Maldives.

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