MMPRC Partners with Green Me to Strengthen its Reach in the Italian Market

With Maldives celebrating its golden jubilee year MMPRC has participated in more than 260 marketing activities, currently MMPRC is working with Green Me. Green Me is an online magazine on sustainable lifestyle based in Italy. Started in 2009, Green Me has now become one of the biggest online magazines in Italy with over 10 million users and around 70,000 monthly newsletter subscribers. This is an additional effort of MMPRC after several marketing campaigns like Sporting Vacanze, Mediamond, Lonely Planet and many more to further attract travelers to the Maldives from Italy. Potential travelers from Italy also have The Maldives Roadshow to look forward to down the line.

The venture with Green Me will come with exciting perks such as newsletters, posts on social media, branded articles. The Maldives will also have a dedicated category on the Green Me website which will help spread awareness about the sustainable experiences the Maldives offer like environmental awareness drives, coral restoration projects which you can be an active part of and many more. The website will also advertise all the tourist products and services such as the resorts.

Out of the 1.3 million visitors welcomed by the Maldives, 27,332 were from Italy. Italy has always been a vital market source for the Maldives.

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