MMPRC Showcases Maldivian Hospitality at the SEA Market

Targeting the increase of brand visibility in the SEA market for the Maldives MMPRC will launch a campaign with Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia. This campaign will be initiated in July 2022 will be in place till 2023.

With a high customer engagement from countries such as Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand launched in 2007 Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia has had a successful run-in attracting customer by inducing wanderlust inspired by fact-based content. This campaign will focus on advertising various segments of the tourism in the Maldives through social media and website of Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia and by emailing all the people enlisted in their database. Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia will promote tourism products and services and the world-renowned Maldivian hospitality to increase the destination visibility of the Maldives.

MMPRC tends to showcase that Maldives is a leading destination for families and luxury travelers and not just honeymooners and aims to raise the arrival count as the world is now entering the post pandemic stage.

A total of 18,489 visitors from the SEA market have visited the Maldives as of July 2022. After the MATTA fair 2022 this joint campaign with Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia is the MMPRC’s attempt at capturing the SEA Market.

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