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Cora Cora Maldives Guide

Cora Cora in the Maldives started operating in late 2021, and it’s a 5-star resort bringing the ultimate luxury and comfort. The villas are located on the islands, and the lush green surroundings make it one of the peaceful places to stay. Here, you can explore the turquoise lagoon that makes this place unique. The white sand beaches bring a mesmerizing view, and you will love exploring the island. The villas on the blue waters give you heavenly pleasure, and it’s time to enjoy the pristine natural beauty of Maldives.

There are no restrictions here, and you can move around the island freely. Hence, you can enjoy sunbathing and moon-bathing, taking you closer to nature. Also, you can get the option of breakfast triples, and even you can enjoy late-night dinners. So, you can feel peace of mind, and it helps you enjoy the tour in real-time. Now, you can quickly get to the island and explore the enchanting beauty of the blue seas.

Why choose Cora Cora Maldives?

Cora Cora Maldives brings the ultimate luxury and comfort. The rooms feature modern décor, and you can explore a contemporary look. The implacable architecture makes Cora Cora Maldives a true home away. Here, you will find furnished terraces to enjoy a nice sunbath. Also, you can get the option to enjoy an outdoor sunbath, and you can feel the special moments. So, you can explore the Maldives in your way, and it brings the best experience. The cozy atmosphere takes you to absolute heaven, and you will love exploring the beautiful island with the sparkling waters. This place suits people of all ages, from tots to teens, and you can enjoy ultimate freedom here.

Way to Reach the Location

After you reach Ifuru Domestic Airport, you can take a speedboat ride to reach the destination, which takes about 20 minutes. Also, you can choose a seaplane ride, and it takes 45 minutes to get to Cora Cora Maldives.


The luxury rooms bring a good experience, and you will love to explore the tropical vegetation and the pleasant waters of the Indian Ocean. Here you will get a clear idea of the rooms, and it will help you plan a perfect tour:

Beach Villa

The villa is suitable for three adults, and an indoor-outdoor bathroom with a freestanding bathtub brings the best experience. Twin vanity, bathrobes, and hairdryer make this villa unique. The villa has one king-size bed and one wardrobe, and you can enjoy some memorable moments here.

Cora Cora Maldives

Beach Pool Villa

The villa has a 10-square meter pool along with a nice ocean view. The indoor-outdoor bathroom is another good option, and a freestanding bathtub provides ultimate comfort. The villa is spacious, and you can explore a total space of 78 square meters. The room is equipped with wifi, smart TV, etc., and it helps you enjoy the moments.

Two Bedroom Family Beach Villa

This villa is ideal for six adults, and the total space is 137 square meters. Here, you can get two indoor-outdoor bathrooms with a freestanding bathtub. The room features a twin vanity, hairdryer, etc., and you can explore the comfort in real-time.

Two Bedroom Family Beach Pool Villa

The villa has a private pool of 16 square meters, and you can now explore fantastic ocean views. Two indoor-outdoor bathrooms with a freestanding bathtub that helps you enjoy a nice bath. The total area of the room is 152 square meters.

Two Bedroom Lagoon Pool Villa with Slide

You will find a deck and a private pool of 24 square meters. The room is ideal for six adults; here, you can get a minibar and an electric kettle. The total space is 234 square meters, and you can enjoy the ultimate luxury.

Cora Cora Maldives

Lagoon Villa

This villa is ideal for two people and stretches about 72 square meters. The bathroom features a freestanding bathtub, and you can explore the real fun. Twin vanity is another important feature of the villa; you can now explore the fantastic views of the blue seas.

Duplex Lagoon Pool Villa

Here, you can enjoy a nice bath in the pool, which is 24 square meters long. Also, you can enjoy board games and puzzles that bring a better feel. This villa can accommodate two adults, and the bathroom with a freestanding bathtub is an essential feature. The hardwood floors bring a classy touch to the estate.

Lagoon Pool Villa

This villa is located over the ocean, and the total space is 86 square meters. The bathrobes and hairdryer bring a nice view to the place, and it’s time to enjoy the sparkling waters of the Indian ocean.

Beach Pool Suites

The villa features a private beachfront pool that stretches 15 square meters. Here, you can get a separate living room to enjoy intimate moments. The villa has a total area of 155 square meters and is suitable for four adults.

Dine and Wine

Cora Cora Maldives serves vegan and non-vegan dishes, and you will love enjoying fresh foods. Next, here you will get an excellent dining and wine facility. It helps you want dinners with your family and friends. Here is a quick view of the restaurants:

Cora Cora Maldives


It’s an Italian restaurant and beach club. Here, you can enjoy the delicious dishes for lunch and dinner, and they also serve drinks. So, you can spend some refreshing moments here, and it’s time to enjoy the food on the beachside. Lunch timing is between 12-15.30, dinner timing is between 18.30-22.30, and the bar is open from 10.30-24.00. The traditional Maldivian music brings a good feel, and you will enjoy the ambiance. Pizza Aquapazzs is one of the unique dishes here, and it’s topped with cherry tomatoes, reef fish, and buffalo mozzarella.


Do you want to enjoy the flavors of Spice Route? Here, you will get the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the sunset, and it’s the perfect place to bring the best dining experience. Breakfast is 7-10.30, and your dining is available all day from 11.30-22.30. Here, you can enjoy authentic Maldivian dishes, and the traditional curry paste brings a fantastic flavor and aroma. The Kandu Kukulhu Riha is a famous Maldivian dish you can enjoy.

Ginger Moon

Ginger Moon is perfect for people who love Asian street foods. Gang Kati Puu Mee Hoon is the most famous dish, and you will love the taste of the Phuket crab meat. The plate is garnished with vermicelli noodles, and it looks incredible. Here, you can enjoy the hot foods that bring true excitement. Here, you can avail yourself dinner from 18.30-22.30.


It’s a Japanese restaurant, and you can feel the romantic vibes here. The seductive environment brings a different feel, and you will love it. The place is famous for sushi, kushiyaki skewers, and many more Japanese cuisines. The site allows you to enjoy dinner from 18.30-22.30.

My Coffee

It’s a lovely café where you can enjoy tea, coffee, ice cream, snacks, etc. This place comes up with lip-smacking dishes, and you will enjoy the open-air ambiance. The site is open all day from 6.00-24.00. Ice-creams make you feel refreshed, and the non-alcoholic drinks spread on the top of ice-creams bring a different flavor.

Facilities and Amenities

Cora Cora Maldives bring the best experience, and here you will learn about the facilities and amenities available:

  • The place has a 24*7 wifi facility, and thus you can browse the internet throughout the day. You can easily connect to the wifi network, and it becomes easy to explore the web world.
  • A 24-hour front desk facility and staffs are always ready to serve you. You can approach the front desk staff, who will help you get the best experience at Cora Cora Maldives.
  • The restaurants have premium all-inclusive meal plans, and it helps you enjoy terrific foods. The exotic Maldivian dishes help you explore the local culture, and it brings a better feel.

Hence, you can stay here freely, and it helps you explore the stunning ocean views.


Cora Cora Maldives come up with the opportunity to enjoy some great adventures. Hence, your tour becomes memorable, and you will explore a new life here. The activities make you feel excited, and you can participate in the sports activities. Here you will find a brief view of the activities you can enjoy:

Cora Cora Maldives

House-Reef Snorkelling and Diving Excursions

House-reef snorkeling helps you explore the amazing aquatic creatures. It’s time to get into the waters, and you can have a lovely time with the marine animals. Also, you can go for diving excursions; it helps explore the rare species of sea turtles. And you can swim with a whale shark, the largest fish species in the world. You can even join the PADI certification course, which helps beginners learn. The certification course is available for both beginners and advanced divers, and you can now enjoy diving free from any worries.

Boat Trips to Neighbouring Islands

Now, you can take a boat trip to explore the neighboring islands. Once you get to the islands, you can explore the local traditions and culture that take you closer to the Maldives. And you can enjoy a nice sunset view in a traditional Dhoni boat, bringing true romance.

Enjoy Non-Motorized Water Sports

There is the option to enjoy non-motorized water sports. It brings the excitement, and the thrill takes you to a different world. Non-motorized water sports include paddleboards, kayaks, snorkeling gear, etc. You can choose the activity, and it brings a good experience.

Join Yoga and Meditation Classes

Here, you can join meditation and yoga classes and go for guided nature walks. It brings peace of mind, and you can explore life once again. It helps you feel calm, and the ocean’s waves get a good feel.

Secret Treats

You can enjoy some experience programs, which are the big surprises upon arrival. It’s time to pack your swimsuit, and you can start exploring the adventures. The blue waters and the mesmerizing sunset bring a soothing effect, and you will enjoy the ambiance here.

Enjoy Beach Sports

The beach helps you enjoy excellent sports like badminton, volleyball, etc. It’s suitable for sports enthusiasts, and you will love playing at the beach. So, you can have a great time with your family and friends.

Enjoy the Nice Spa Massages

Cora Cora Maldives has a spa center where you can enjoy relaxing massages. It brings the ultimate serenity, and you can eliminate stress and anxiety. The trained therapists give you the best massages that get the maximum pleasure.

Overall, you get a clear view of the activities, and it helps you plan a perfect tour. Apart from these, there are other activities too which you can enjoy. You can do kayaking, windsurfing, etc., and it helps you explore the Maldives in a new way. Water sports help you play with the waters, and you can discover the underwater world. Carry the important stuff while you are going out for adventures and you can enjoy the activities freely. Also, you can spot dolphins, and you will love to play with them. The underwater world is fascinating, and you can enjoy the adventures in real-time.

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