The Maldives Steps Towards Sustainable Tourism with STF 2022

IMTM Pvt. Ltd. recently annouced that the the third edition of the annual Sustainable Tourism Forum (STF) 2022 will be hosted at the Manhattan Business Hotel in Male’ City. The IMTM Sustainable Tourism Forum has proved to be an excellent platform for the stakeholders from the Maldives Tourism Industry connect and engage in discussions regarding issues pertaining to environmental sustainability of the Maldivian tourism sector. MTM’s aims to make the Maldives a sustainable tourist destination by educating and inspiring the industry personnel.

STF 2022 will be based on the theme Sustainable tourism  and will be held for 2 days starting on the 3rd December at the Manhattan Busines Hotel. Designed to share experiences and knowledge on sustainable tourism STF plays a very critical role in the Maldivian torism sector due to the nations’ vulnerability towards the impact of climate change.

STF strives to become a platform not only as a space to create dialogue but also as a base to design, create and innovate sustainable tourism practices in the Maldives and use this knowledge to help the entire world and set it on the path of sustainability.

STF 2022 will a be two day forum consisting of 5 sessions, the sessions will be as follows.

• Session one: sustainable tourism Concepts, trends and policies

• Session two: Sustainability in practice

• Session three: Group work

• Session four: Group work (continued)

• Session five: Synthesizing

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