Maldives Guide

The beachfront villas and the sapphire watches are the perfect combinations of the best holiday trips. The thrilling activities and the exotic weather with unassuming beaches set the mood for every adventurous-filled person. Experience the tropical charm of this lonely Islands in the lap of the Indian Ocean.

This breathtaking place has the most engrossing elegance, which attracts travelers and tourists from all over the world. A true holiday choice with stunning white sand beaches and unrivaled luxury.

Get engrossed in the underwater world with the most famous underwater snorkeling in the Maldives. It sounds interesting and exciting, doesn’t it? Before you unleash your adventure freak soul, let us know about the place and its background.

Maldives Geography

The Maldives situated in South Asia consists of 1190 coral islands and lies over the Arabian Sea in the Indian Ocean. Approximately the islands spread over 871 kilometers and grouped in double-chained of 27 atolls. The atolls present in the Maldives consist of ring-shaped large coral reef that helps to support various islands. Out of the 90000 square kilometers of land present in the Maldives, the dry land consists of only 298 square kilometers. Most of the visitors stay mesmerized when looking at the geography of the country. Out of 1190 islands, people only inhabit in 200 of them. 166 islands are for resort development and few are for agriculture and industrial uses and the rest are uninhabited.

Maldives Weather

The magnificence of Maldives is reflected in the weather condition of the place. During the November to April session, you can envision the brilliant blue skies with minimal rain. It won’t be wrong to say that MALDIVES is most peaceful from MAY TO SEPTEMBER and trust me you don’t wanna miss visiting the island during this period! The normal everyday temperature is 30˚C (86˚F), making the Maldives tropical heaven for visitors. The normal ocean temperature is around 26˚C (79˚F). The dry season from December to April follows the Northeast Mansoon while the wet season from May to November follows the Southwest Mansoon!! Selected the right season for yourself to visit MADLVIES.

Nature and Wildlife


The country does not have a huge land area; hence one can witness very few land-based mammals and reptiles, even one cannot see cows. People can only find a certain species of flying fox and one shrew species born in the land. One can witness a particular species of gecko and some wolf snakes. Some of the common water animals and mammals are whale sharks, dolphins, and various sea turtles such as green turtle, leatherback turtle, and hawksbill turtle.

The Baa Atoll was named a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve in June 2011. UNESCO perceived the Baa Atoll’s “incredible potential for exhibiting supportable improvement all through the Maldives and the area while depending on a green economy.” 

History of Maldives

You will be amazed to know that the People who first inhabited the Maldives did not leave behind much of the archaeological remains. Most believed that they made their houses and tools with the help of wood, and hence it decayed over time from the salt and wind of the tropical climate. With the help of certain remains found, experts believe the first inhabitants lived there as early as 1500BC. Also, most historians believe that the first people to settle there came from southern India. In 1973 Maldives first established a resort and they soon saw tourism playing an important part in their economy.


AS YOU ALL KNOW THAT The Maldives doesn’t have a huge population with just half a million people, and the country has its own tradition and culture. Maldives culture has an influence on many places that surround the Indian Ocean. The island environment and the sea have helped shape the various traditions and cultures of the Maldives. The Maldivians speak a language known as Dhivehi. The current script used now, known as Thaana was developed in the 16th Century from Arabic numerical.

The Maldives has a special type of boat called Dhoni and the locals have spent a considerable amount of time building these boats.  Interested in exploring the culture more? Then head straight to MALDIVES!!

Maldives Foods and Drinks


As we know the Maldives has sea surrounding the country from all over hence most of the staple Maldivian diet consists of seafood, mainly Tuna. Their food has an oriental influence as well as from Arabic, Indian, and Sri Lanka. Most Maldivian food has a coconut-based recipe. When dining in the Maldives resorts, people can experience a unique dining opportunity.

For those who want to have an opportunity to try the local Maldivian food, here are a few options such as Mashuni, fihunu mas, garudhiya. For Maldivian snacks such as gulha, kulhi boakiba, masroshi, kavaabu.

Connectivity with Maldives

The beautiful tropical island of the Maldives has been a popular tourist destination for years but you will be surprised to know that the Maldives airport is the only airport that has water outside the airport. So, the connectivity of these islands is only possible via flights and boats.

The Maldives offers a lenient on-arrival visa policy of a 30-day visa to every visitor. The visitors can extend it for 90 days also if they can show enough funds and travel documents to the authorities.

The main International Airport of the Maldives is the Male’ International Airport. Seaplanes are indeed the best transportation when in MALDVIES but speedboats, ferry boats and  demoestic flights could also be used for transportation but they can be a little pricey!To travel on a budget, take a local boat called Dhoni that you must pre-book.

Types of Holidays

There are different types of holidays which you can have in the Maldives. It’s very important to know the purpose of visiting before going to the Maldives and booking your accommodation in Maldives.

Honeymoon vacation

A magical sunset with golden hues and soft sea breeze can set a romantic environment in Maldives. You can open a chapter of romance when someone special is spending time with you in island hideaways. December to April- This is the best time to enjoy a honeymoon in the Maldives. Are you ready to spend the most beautiful days in your life in MALDIVES?

Wedding in the Maldives

If you plan on having a destination wedding, then do consider MADLIVES as, with phenomenal weather, blue seawater, sand beaches, and beautiful reefs, the islands of Maldives are the best wedding destinations. You can celebrate your big day in this paradise. Some couples skip Maldives cultural aspects and go for the western wedding style.

Diving resort in Maldives

From fish-laden pinnacles to beautiful coral gardens, Maldives has everything to attract scuba diving enthusiasts. Divers can choose small island resorts or liveaboard boats based on their preferences. Abundances of flora and fauna and other marine lives are some of the hallmarks of Maldives diving vacations.

Family trip to the Maldives

You can choose a seaplane or boat to reach the Maldives with kids and adults of your family members. The tranquil surroundings with attractive overwater villas and beautiful lagoons let you unwind with your dear ones. Moreover, island tours, water sports, dolphin watching, and other activities will keep you engaged.

An adventurous trip to the Maldives

The island country has become a favorite choice for adventure lovers. You can enjoy fishing, kayaking, parasailing, jet-skiing, and kite surfing. Moreover, while traveling through the Whale Submarine, you can have a view of marine life.

Luxury Holidays

The sparkling sand, turquoise blue water, breathtaking marine life, and virgin corals will never tire your eyes. The Maldives offers a luxurious getaway amidst nature. Spend a luxury holiday in the Maldives, which is a hub for luxurious resorts and extravagant villas on the Earth. Make your tailor-made packages and get ready to enjoy your dream holiday.

Budget Holiday

The Maldives is definitely one of the most beautiful islands on this planet and once thought to be very expensive. Depending on your budget, you can stay on a resort or local island and get the authentic flavor of the Maldives. However, to save money you can take a local ferry. It is a straightforward way to visit this paradise on a budget.

Spa and Wellness Holiday

Maldives is a famous holiday destination for families and couples who wants to spend time in tranquility. The breathtaking white beaches, sparkling turquoise water, and luxurious resorts can never disappoint travelers. On the wellness and spa side, you can enjoy a laid-back day and pamper yourself soaking up the sunlight.

Surfing Holiday

For decades, the Maldives has a history of offering surfing holidays. You will surely have a blast surfing on the best surf spots. If you plan to come on a dedicated surfing holiday, visit Maldives as they offer majestic surf resorts.

Business Holiday

Are you planning to go on a business holiday in the Maldives? Do not worry, as the Maldives is a holiday destination for all. All you need to do is search for corporate packages and check the availability of proper amenities like internet speed, Wi-fi, baggage storage, etc.

Where to Stay

There are 4 major accommodations options in the Maldives for visitors. They are Resort islands, Local Islands, Male City Hotels, Cruise Safari. 

Resort Islands

Every single resort in MALDIVES is more than capable to satisfy the guest’s needs but it all depends on your choice too!! Are you a surfer who is looking for a place where he can experience the best diving ever? Well, then choose the one which is full of energy and bubbles . Are you newly-wed couple looking for a perfect place for honeymoon? Then secluded islands would be the option for you! But whatever the choice might be, the simplicity and the top-end architect will cater to your every whim. Privacy is one main reason why tourists enjoy resort islands  that’s the only reason why resort islands are the center of attention of young couples. On top of that, There are also  bars, KTVs, restaurants, outdoor discos, and other several entertainment programs for people who love to socialize !!

With a well-maintained beach without any sharp dead corals,  clean and organized surroundings; resorts are indeed  the best places for relaxation.

You will spend the best time of your life in these resorts by indulging yourself in activities like island hopping, sandbank tripping, snorkeling, manta watching, and many more.

Male’ City (The Capital of Maldives)


The capital of the Maldives, Malé, spans over a mere 5.8km2 and is deemed to be one of the smallest and most densely populated capitals in the world. Found in the southern part of the North Malé Atoll, or, more specifically, in the Kaafu Atoll, this unusual city has a population of around 133 412 people (which is almost a third of the island’s population) and is famous for its stunning mosques (such as the Islamic Centre with its characteristic gold dome), colourful buildings and its bustling fish produce markets.

The capital of the Maldives itself is technically spread over multiple islands; the central island of Malé, an airport island (Hulhulé Island) and two additional islands that are run by the Malé City Council. Those are Vilingili and the artificial island of Hulhumalé.

The capital city of the Maldives itself has a number of holiday accommodation options as well as a few fascinating religious and historical sites (such as the Old Friday Mosque, the Grand Friday Mosque and the National Museum).  

If you are in search of exceptional places to go in the Maldives, Malé should definitely be on your list.

Local Islands


This is a wonderful place to immerse oneself in the beauty of nature. Still, some people believe that the Maldives is only for the rich and middle-class travelers, but this is simply incorrect. Changes in government laws in 2008 paved the way for Maldivians to establish tourism-based businesses on the local islands. This, in turn, began the high-quality yet budget-friendly tourism industry in the Maldives.

Each of the inhabited islands is home to a range of 500 to 2,000 residents. Though there are about 200 of these inhabited islands, tourism was developed only in a few of them.

The South Ari Atoll is an area west of Malé which is one of the best spots for watching manta rays. One of the other islands of interest, Hangnaameedhoo, has developed guesthouses and other local attractions specifically for tourists.

The cost of living is reasonable compared to resort islands and accommodations of top quality in other countries.

Cruise Safari


Sail across the vast sea and explore the uninhabited Islands with the Maldives cruising Safari. It will take you across the turquoise water. The simplicity of the villagers and their lifestyle will surely inspire you. Staying on the cruise will give you relaxation and every vibe of tranquility. People who are daring enough can opt for a stay on the cruise to discover and explore the richness in wildlife and foliage.

Enjoy the magical sunrise and sunset every day. The cruising Safari will give you every chance to enjoy the exotic. You can opt for the cruising service from the Malé international airport.

Get transported to the ethereal beauty and world of comfort while you choose to stay.

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