The Maldives has attracted 1.3 million tourists all across the year

According to the recent reports, Maldives has attracted around 1.3 million tourists in the year 2021 irrespective of many challenges due to Covid-19. According to the reports generated on 27th December 2021, around 1.3 million tourists have visited this place. It is only possible due to the wonderful work of frontline workers, tourism industry owners, and Government agencies.

A function was held at Velana International Airport to invite the 1.3 millionth guest, Constantin Stelian Emil, from Romania, who showed up in the Maldives through GullivAir. He was invited by the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC/Visit Maldives) Thoyyib Mohamed, authorities from the Ministry of Tourism, Immigration, and MACL. Mr. Emil was given unique gifts in the interest of MMPRC, the Ministry of Tourism, and different partners. This is Mr. Constantin Stelian Emil’s second visit to the Maldives and he is joined by his companion and two youngsters.

Though there are many challenges arising in the year 2021, it was a great year for the Maldives, especially for the tourist sector. The Maldives has achieved many milestones in terms of traveling, which has made it a prestigious World Travel Award leading destination in 2021. It is a big achievement for the tourism sector of Maldives. The team at Maldives tourism has planned some great for the upcoming year and they will try to add a great achievement for the next year.

MMPRC, a parent company that is responsible for the marketing tasks within the Maldives. There are around 400 different marketing activities, which are done all across the Maldives. Major things, which are done within the Maldives are fairs, roadshows, marketing campaigns, trips, interviews, and webinars. One of the biggest activities which are performed in the Maldives is on 16th December. During this event, it all got the talent for the World’s Leading Destination for the second time.

In the upcoming year, Maldives is going to celebrate the Golden Jubilee celebration of Tourism. During this event, the organizers are planning to add up all the new activities to their list. They are organizing 17 fairs, roadshows, which are all organized in the first quarter of 2022.    

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