Visit Maldives And Air Astana Started A Strong Marketing Campaign To Promote The Maldives

Visit the Maldives, and Air Astana has made a joint venture to promote the Maldives as one of the best travel destinations. Air Astana is the Almaty-based flag carrier of Kazakhstan. Thus, Kazakh travelers are the major targets of this promotional campaign. Both the companies like to spread the message that it is safe to travel to the Maldives.

The campaign started on 21st April 2021, as some travel agents made a trip to the island country. These agents have thought of reviewing different offerings, including Kanuhura Maldives and Six Senses Laamu and Kanuhura Maldives. On a 7-day trip to the country, the agents will do these things. Another group of agents will land on the Maldives on 26th April Dhigali Maldives, Adaaran Select Meedhupparu Resort, and Velassaru Maldives will welcome them.

On 5th December 2020, travelers enjoyed the first Air Astana flight to reach the Maldives directly. However, this flight is also advantageous to develop a relationship with other countries of the world. In 2020, more than 150 Kazakhstan travel agents joined a webinar that had highlighted the arrival and departure details to travel the Maldives.

Due to the introduction of direct flights to reach the Maldives from Kazakhstan, the companies have obtained statistical details. Out of 345,261 foreign travelers in the Maldives, 14,567 are from Kazakhstan.

The Maldives has started giving foreign travelers access to the country. However, it has implemented some strict rules to keep the tourists safe. Tourists must take 3 doses of vaccine 14 days before the arrival in the country. They have to show PCR negative test certificate to get entry to the country.

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