The Maldives Ministry of Tourism Updates Safety Protocols for the Holiday Season

The Maldives is a popular hotspot for travelers during the holiday season. The coral islands see a peak in the arrival count during this season, and in light of this event, the ministry of tourism just published a new circular concerning the need for safety measures in a post-pandemic world. This circular has been published to further strengthen the safety protocols of the properties of all tourism organizations.

The circular stresses the importance of observing vigilance in the safety protocols, particularly regarding all water-based activities such as swimming snorkeling, and diving. It also urges the tourist facilities to update and improve their emergency action plans implemented in case of special circumstances and these action plans are to be reviewed to test their efficiency.

With the focus on safety protocols regarding water-based activities, the ministry highlights the need for conducting regular training and awareness sessions for the staff of all facilities and especially the for the water sports centers during the peak season. Mandatory briefings for the guests regarding the latest information during their check-in.

An Emergency Focal Point for both guests and staff is to be held by all the tourist facilities as instructed by the Ministry of Tourism and to ensure updated records the ministry has requested the tourist facilities to share their name, designation, and contact number.

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