The Maldives Already Halfway Through Its Goal

The year 2022 will be celebrated as the Golden Jubilee year of the Maldives tourism industry, on account of this landmark the country aims to welcome a total of 1.6 million visitors this year which was initially set as 2 million. But considering the current scenario of geopolitical landscape shift and world affairs, this number will still be considered a remarkable achievement. Due to the extensive efforts of the government and tourist organizations the country has already achieved half of its set goal by welcoming 808,603 visitors by the month of June.

Looking at the statistics for the year 2019, the month of June saw an inflow of 108,709 travelers which is down by 1.3 percent considering the initial arrival count of visitors in June 2022. In June 2022, a total of 107,281 tourists visited the country. Also according to the data released by the ministry, there has been a change in the top five market source list from 2019. In 2019, China, India, Germany, Italy, and the UK occupied the top five ranks. China ranking 46th in the market source in 2022 remains the most surprising story. As of May 2022, India is the largest market source for the Maldives with a contribution of 14.8 percent, the UK coming in second with a contribution of 11.9%.

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