On the morning of May 11, 2023, Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC/Visit Maldives) had an exclusive media meeting to let the local media know about the “Visit Maldives Storytellers’ Conference 2023.” The event is scheduled to take place from May 30 to June 2, 2023. The media meeting provided local journalists with the chance to learn more about the conference, the chosen participants, and the special experiences that lie in store for them.

Those who would attend the Visit Maldives Storytellers’ Conference in 2023 were chosen through a social media contest that took place between February 25 and March 27, 2023. Visit Maldives invited content creators, bloggers, influencers, journalists, travel writers, and media professionals from all over the world to participate. A judging panel chose the 50 winners, There are also 3 Maldivians among the winners. They received conference invitations as well as three days and two nights of real experiences in eight different Maldives regions.

The Redefining MICE idea will be used to design the Visit Maldives Storytellers’ Conference 2023, which will take place in a laid-back setting on the beach at Crossroads Maldives. The conference includes engaging panel discussions with well-known international storytellers on timely and popular subjects like sustainable tourism initiatives. The conference offers breakout sessions where attendees can participate and learn about topics such as sustainable tourism, Maldivian culture and history, Maldives fisheries, and more.

The Visit Maldives Storytellers’ Conference 2023 is the result of more than two years of planning, according to Thoyyib Mohamed, CEO & MD of Visit Maldives, who expressed his excitement about the event.

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