Maldives now on Veepee’s Homepage

Starting on 13th June 2022 Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation launched a marketing campaign partnered with Veepee aiming to position the Maldives at the top of the pyramid in the French market. This campaign will last 10 days.

With 24 million members, Veepee is a leading company based in France that invented ‘Flash sales’. Veepee has become one of the biggest names in e-commerce by collaborating with 3,000 major brands. Veepee has an influential hold over its audience which is constantly looking for new holiday destinations, this provides an opportunity for publicity.

The Maldives and its tourism products all the way from resorts to liveaboards, stories of the Maldivian hospitality will be marketed on the homepage of Veepee which has a traffic flow of 3 million. Along with the homepage, a website will be created dedicated to the sole purpose of destination advertisement for Maldives. 9 million visitors of Veepee will receive an e-mail that will contain information about the destination. The travel page of Veepee will also display an informational banner.

With a total arrival count of 732,884 visitors, France ranks 7th top source market with a 3.9% contribution to total market share. This campaign along with several other fairs, webinars, and roadshows is an active effort of the MMRPC to showcase the Maldives as a beloved tourist destination of the French.

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