IMTM Travel and Trade Fair Now Rescheduled

International Maldives Travel Market [IMTM] Pvt. Ltd. has changed the Date for the annual IMTM 2022. The 2022 fair is the much-awaited Fifth edition of the IMTM, as the company expects the Travel and Trade Fair to have a massive impact on the Maldives Tourism industry. The fair is now scheduled to take place on 7th and 8th September, this was done to increase its accessibility for international travel agents and tour operators which will ensure the event achieves its true potential.

This B2B Travel and Trade Fair of 2022 will be an excellent platform for networking amongst the 800 delegates and professional guests of IMTM which include all-star tour operators and destination management companies. IMTM aims for the 2022 fair to outshine all the pre-pandemic events with the new and improved edition of the IMTM’s Sustainable Tourism Forum [STF], sharing knowledge and experiences to integrate sustainable tourism practices in the industry.

As the country is entering the phase with the COVID restrictions easing up, revitalizing the tourism industry has been recognized as the need of the hour, for this a coordinated and untied front has been put by the country as the IMTM is now supported and endorsed by MMRPC, Maldives Association of Tourism Industry [MATI], and National Boating Association of the Maldives [NBAM].

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