Europeans will be lovin’ the Maldives. McDonald’s to promote Maldives in German speaking countries

To promote the Maldives in German- speaking regions, Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation( MMPRC Visit Maldives) has joined forces with McDonald’s travel television show. An aggregate of 700 McDonald’s  franchise joints will include advertising for the Maldives, reaching about 35 million people. 

The commercial will  highlight the distinctive  tourist attractions  of the Maldives, including the stunning aquatic decor ,  shipwrecks, romantic adventures, and sandbanks. It tries to draw attention to the distinctive one-  island, one- resort idea. Grounded on the interests and preferences of our German- speaking  requests, including Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, the  announcement has been precisely chosen.

In the German- speaking countries, the  crusade will increase the Maldives’ brand visibility and  mindfulness and reach a wide  audience. According to the rankings published on 28th December 2022, Germany is the 4 largest market for Maldives tourism. With a whopping number of 132,426 arrivals, it is expected that the number will go up after this promo.

MMPRC has conducted a different variety of conditioning in the German- speaking  request. These include  juggernauts with TUI Austria, TUI Germany, Condor, FTI, and  out-of-door   juggernauts with Dotcom Arabia. We’ve also taken part in IMM Germany, IMEX 2022, and ITB Digital Business Day.  As the company responsible for  representing the Maldives as a destination abroad, MMPRC carried out 205 different marketing conditioning in 22 global  requests last time, including  expositions, roadshows, familiarisation  trips, marketing  campaigns, webinars, and interviews. The  topmost testament to the success of these conditioning came last time, as the Maldives secured the title of ‘ World’s Leading Destination ’( among several other accolades) at the 2022 World Travel Awards, encyclopedically recognised as the hallmark of assiduity excellence. 2022 was the third  successive time that the Maldives had successfully earned this prestigious title, a shining  evidence of the trust placed in the ‘ magic of Maldivian hospitality ’ by  the tourists from  each over the globe. Last time, MMPRC also secured the title of’ World’s Leading Tourist Board’ for the first time in our nation’s history.

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