NHGAM launches ‘I am Maldives’, a Marketing Platform for Guesthouses

National Hotels and Guesthouse Association of the Maldives (NHGAM) recently announced the decision to establish a marketing platform dedicated to the guesthouses in the Maldives after the association conducted a General Meeting on the island of Maafushi.

Exclusive Marketing activities such as fairs will be carried out in collaboration with guesthouses to promote experiences unique to the guesthouses. This platform will be called ‘I am Maldives’ and under this brand name, specific islands and atolls will be showcased. Maldivian, the national flagship carrier of the Maldives, and many other high-class tourist organizations such as MATATO and MATI applauded this effort by NHGAM. Adding to this platform, the association further announced that an annual magazine highlighting the hotels and guesthouses in the Maldives is in the works and will be released soon.

National Hotels and Guesthouse Association of the Maldives was established in 2014 as Guesthouse Association of the Maldives. Ever since its inception, NHGAM has been the advocate for the rights of guesthouses and hotels in the country and has been recognized as the voice of local tourism. Throughout the years the association has grown multifold and now stands at the NGO forefront in the ground tourism industry, NHGAM works to create awareness and carries out research projects.

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