Air Astana: Flights to the Maldives started

Air Astana, the national airline company of Kazakhstan, started its first flight operations on Friday. It headed to Maldives with more than 100 passengers, and the company decided on providing 3 flights every week for passengers going to Maldives. These flights will be available on Saturdays, Mondays, and Wednesdays to reach Almaty and Male. 

Airbus A321LR aircraft was carrying 156 passengers while reaching Velana International Airport. The airline company stated that its airbus has 150 Economy class seats and 16 Business class seats. The number of seats is enough for carrying the daily passengers to the island country. 

As the period from 16th December to 16th January is the peak season, the airline company has decided to launch its wide-bodied Boeing 767 aircraft with a higher seating capacity.

A few days ago, the airline company had talked about the increasing need for flights to arrive in Maldives. Maldives Airports Company Limited also declared that it is trying to increase the number of flights to Maldives. However, the restriction to movements due to the pandemic is an obstacle.

According to Air Astana, the economy class fares start from USD 677, while the business class fares can be around USD 2067. There may be slight variations in the price rate on the day of issuing tickets. 

Travelers can apply for entrance visas that will be available without any charge after arriving at the airport.

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