Indian Ocean Category awards- Maldives beating its competitors

Recently, Maldives has bagged some awards in the Indian Ocean category. The globally recognized awards are Indian Ocean’s Leading Destination, Beach Destination, and Dive Destination 2021.

The Indian Ocean’s Leading Tourist Board 2021 has awarded Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation. Thoyyib Mohamed, the MD of the company, has stated that his team is glad to win these awards. The awards prove their hard work and effort to bring success to Maldives tourism. 

Thoyyib has also congratulated stakeholders and his team for winning the prestigious awards. He thinks that his team has worked consistently during the challenging times of the year. He hopes for something better in the coming years.

Although the industry has faced several issues, World Travel Awards:2021 reveals the love of international tourists for the Maldives. There has been a record volume of traffic, and it indicates that the travel industry has restored its position. 

After reopening the border in 2020, the island country has received more than 555,494 travelers. However, in 2021, the number has reached 923,146. The company thinks that it will be more than a million in the coming years, and it will cause a revival of the tourism sector.

The recent World Travel Awards will make the brand image stronger. Moreover, the brand can develop its presence globally. Maldives had secured different awards in multiple categories, like World’s Leading Airport Resort, Honeymoon Resort, Romantic Resort, and Luxury Island Resort. Throughout the past years, the country has won fame.

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