Ministry of Tourism: India secured second place in tourist arrivals

On 19th November, the Tourism Ministry of Maldives declared that India is the second-largest tourism market for the Maldives. According to the ministry data, 5449 Indian tourists visited the Maldives after the reopening of the borders on 15th July. Russia has secured first place as 7512 visitors visited the Maldives.

The arrivals increased because of the ‘air bubble’ between the two countries. Air Bubble was formed on 25th August. It enabled regularly scheduled flights between India and Maldives. Both countries follow all the relevant health-related measures against Covid-19. Shahid Abdulla, the foreign affairs minister, has thanked the Indian Government. 

Air Bubble also notified that they would ease the travel for the Maldivians, especially for the people who are visiting India for their treatment. This will be the same for the Indians who wish to visit the land of Maldives. However, even after lifting the restrictions, Maldives is witnessing lower tourists compared to previous times. 

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