The Maldives Celebrates a Successful Sustainability Forum

Earlier this week, IMTM hosted a 2-day Sustainable Tourism Forum (STF) on the 3rd and 4th of December, at this forum many like minded people got together for a lively discussions on sustainable tourism. Due to the participation of enthusiastic and passionate people the STF 2022 was an absolute success.

Various tourism sector stakeholders, including independent institutions, private sector tourism related businesses, guesthouses, resorts and liveaboards even the United Nations, UNDP, ministries, scientific and academic bodies were brought together under the same roof by this forum to collaborate towards a common goal: sustainability.

Identifying and developing a criterion for sustainable tourism establishments in the Maldives. Next year a policy paper containing  findings and  recommendations concluded from the forum will be published to strengthen concept of sustainability in the Maldives. Tourism related establishments at government offices, NGOs, and associations will be presented with the policy paper.

The outcomes of STF 2022 were celebrated by IMTM after receiving strong support for the sustainable tourism in the Maldvies. The participants of the STF 2022 will be sent a draft of the policy paper for their input before publishing it in 2023. A key takeaway from the forum was that sustainability should not be an afterthought.

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