The Maldives starts off strong in January 2023

The year 2023 is off to a good start for the Maldives according to the recent statistics published by the Ministry of Tourism, the arrival growth rate has shown a significant increase in just a week’s time. As of 7th January 2023 According to the data published by the Tourism Ministry, the Maldives has achieved a significant increment compared to the arrival count of 2021 and 2022 by welcoming 37,209 visitors.

With an astonishing growth rate of approximately 13%, the first week of January has experienced a boost in arrival numbers, and the country is looking forward to achieving greater success this year.  2nd January 2023 witnessed The highest number of visitors with over 6000 daily arrivals, 3rd January recorded the second highest arrival count. The average stay of visitors has increased up to 7 days, with the month of January being amidst the peak season the average arrival numbers have climbed from 4000 to 5316. The top source market list of the Maldives. has experienced rearrangements with India now in third position as Russia now sits at the top of the list. Italy has climbed it’s way up in the charts securing the second position in the top source market list. Kazakhstan is a newcomer to the charts at the 7th position.

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