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10 Things to Explore While in Maldives

From nature’s sunken garden to the beauty of the whole world on an island – Maldives has several well-earned titles. The spectacular white sand covered beaches, unrivalled luxury that hangs in the air, and the incredible underwater world that exists here make Maldives an ultimate and obvious choice to relish a true holiday. The once in a lifetime trip to Maldives is something you shouldn’t take casually.

Maldives come up with manifold things to enjoy. Here you will get an idea of the top 10 things you must explore in the Maldives:

1. The Unbelievable and Unbeatable Beaches

Maldives happens to be the home of the best beaches one can find across the globe. You can find them on almost all the 1200 islands present here, and each of them is so breathtakingly and consistently perfect that it will make your heart flutter with joy. There are certain beaches in Maldives that boast softer granules in comparison to the other, however, the basic fact remains unaltered and that is you will be overwhelmed by the luminous glow of the cyan-blue water and the whiter-than-white hue of the sand that covers the beaches, something one can only come across here. This bit of information does wonder and attracts more than a million travelers from different regions of the world. This miniscule, remote place has been often called as the Indian Ocean paradise.

The sparkling of the azure beaches is so spectacular that they make the most romantic spots for each honeymooners and nature enthusiast. If you are in search of a soothing holiday, then the beaches that are nestled amidst the glorious beauty of the coral islands are what you need. From taking a dive to enjoying the natural charisma of the place from a distance – you can do it all. Visit Maldives during the dry season. November to April is the best time to be here. The level of humidity is low and the soothing light rains make it even more pleasant.

2. Which Beaches Should You Hop Onto?

Before you even start planning your trip to the mystical land of Maldives these are the beaches you need to visit –

  • Bikini Beach
  • Hulhumale Beach
  • Reethi Beach
  • Veligandu Island Beach
  • Cocoa Island Beach
  • Nika Island Beach
  • Vabbinfaru Island Beach
  • Hangnaameedhoo Beach
  • Baros Maldives
  • Lily Beach
  • Bandos Maldives

These are the must visit beaches in Maldives, but the list doesn’t end here. Make sure you have an elaborate travel plan that covers all of the popular destinations here, for there are plenty.

3. Resorts, Resorts Everywhere

All the resorts here in Maldives come with a private island. But, that is not the end of the exhilarating news. There are more than 100 resorts for you to choose from. Wanderlusts here face an overwhelming problem of which to choose from an array of outstanding choices. One can find the most exclusive hotels here that constantly strive toward offering unimaginable heights of luxury. From private lap pools to personal butlers, pillow menus, in-room massage services, and countless other services. It won’t come as a surprise that Maldives is like a tailor-made, glamorous, tropical getaway for lovebirds and honeymooners. But, the list of options for accommodation definitely doesn’t come to an end with five-star resorts.

4. The Chance for Independent Travel

Maldives has faced seismic changes over the last couple of decades, and since then, the inhabited islands have opened their gates to tourists. If you want to be amidst the locals who are the heart and soul of this nation, then it is finally a possibility now. Backpackers have been kept away for decades in these regions, but not anymore. Speedboat, domestic flights, and the use of public ferry for island hopping has made this incredibly gorgeous country open to one all regardless of the budget constraints. Several islands in the Ari atoll and Male atolls have now become massive centers for booming guesthouse industry. This leaves dozens of options for each traveler.

5. The Breathtaking Underwater World

The best way to make the most of your time here in Maldives is by enjoying the water sports activities like snorkeling and deep-sea diving. The variety and richness one can experience are simply astonishing. An array of magnificent caves, dazzling coral walls, and schools of tropical fish in vibrant hues await the arrival of travelers when they get down and immerse into the reef. The deeper waters have an abundance of turtles, sharks, manta rays lurking in them. But, they are not all that you will find here. The world’s largest and most stunning fish has made these pleasant waters their home – the whale shark. The best bit about these waters is that they are so warm it gives people a fuzzy feeling to ditch the wetsuit.

6. The alluring shopping places

Maldives boasts some of the most vibrant shopping places. It comprises a plethora of vivid shops that sell various products. You can buy souvenirs from those markets and make your trip memorable. Male’ Local Market is one of the significant markets of Maldives. From local handicrafts to local snacks, you will get everything in Male Market. You can try sweetmeat, palm sleepers, coconut milk, and plenty of other mouth-watering snacks.

7. Some delectable foods to explore

Apart from its beautiful beaches and urban luxury, Maldives also brags about its food. An array of eating places is present in the Maldives. From local delicacies to continental dishes, Maldives has everything to offer. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant and Seagull Café are some of the areas that you shouldn’t miss. They will serve you some elegant European foods and delicious ice creams.

8. Take a tour of the offbeat places

The Maldives nestles a lot of offbeat and un-spoilt tourist places. If you want to enjoy a serene and peaceful holiday, you should opt for these places. Hangnaameedhoo, Dhigurah and Ulkuhas are amongst some the best offbeat places. The alluring beaches and the vastness of the ocean will take you into a state of trance. You can connect directly with nature without worrying about any chaos.

9. Enjoy the Pristine Beauty of Ocean through your Cruise Safari

If you want to explore Maldives’ uninhabited islands, a cruise Safari will make it possible for you. While sailing through the ocean, you will witness turquoise water and various fishing villages. It will help you to fathom the colorful culture of Maldives. Those shipping villages are also rich in wildlife. You will also get the chance to witness the simple life of the people living in that fishing village.

10. Stay in an overwater bungalow

The Maldives is the epitome of luxury. Once you visit the overwater bungalows in the Maldives, you will come across their beauty and luxury. Imagine getting a private bungalow in the middle of the ocean. However, budget is one thing that you have to keep in mind. Most of these bungalows are quite expensive. Also, the services of some of the bungalows are not up to the mark. Therefore, do some research and choose the best bungalow.

‘Have first-hand taste of paradise with the life-altering beauty that is present in abundance here. From going on a snorkeling trip to fishing, visiting the coral islands, and exploring the sandy beaches, there are endless ways that the Maldives will keep you hooked during your stay.

Finally, you can start planning the Maldives tour, and you can enjoy the amazing view of the white sand beaches. The top 10 things mentioned above help you enjoy the tour, and you can enjoy the pristine view of nature. 

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